Virgin Hair Companies - Hair For Less-Cheap Virgin Hair

Weave Files: Virgin Hair Companies – Hair For Less

It’s been a minute since we’ve talked about weave. YES you like what I did there.  … But honestly who really wants to spend their rent on some hair? I love weave and everything about it , even have dropped BIG money to have it; However 500$ (just for the hair itself ) is a bit lot much if you’re on budget. In the words of sweet brown, “Aint Nobody Got Time for that”! If you’re looking for extensions that will last you , that you can dye , and that aren’t going to have you regretting you’re purchase – I have done the leg work for you, and found these cheap virgin hair …Virgin Hair Companies with Locks For Less!



1. Hair By Just Brinkley (HBJB)

Virgin Hair Companies - Hair For Less - Cheap Virgin Hair

First on my list is a company that I have actually purchased hair from. HairbyJustB is top notch quality virgin hair at fab prices! I have 3 bundles that I purchased in May that have been ombre’d , colored, ect and they still look as I received them before all the processing.  HBJB is perfect for the brazilian wavy/straight hair lover , but there is also a curly texture that is perfect for the transitioning hairnista.


2. Queen Virgin Remy

Virgin Hair Companies - Hair For Less - Cheap Virgin Hair

I randomly happened upon this website and my eyes widened when I realized how low their prices were to have SO many options. From super cheap Indian Remy to Eurasian Virgin Hair… they have it all. I’ve never purchased hair from this website but I have it bookmarked mainly because I will be comparing and contrasting different ethnicities’ hair . Among wefts, QVR also sells closures and weft sealant. Bonus: If You’re looking to get into the hair slinging business , this company offers wholesale 


3. Glam Goddess Hair Extensions

Virgin Hair Companies - Hair For Less - Cheap Virgin Hair

Here’s another site that I have a made a purchase from except not wefts! I ordered a closure from this site for my latest install ( Show & Tell later this week) . First let me comment that the owner of GGHE has excellent customer service she answered my questions in a timely manner and did everything she could to answer fully. Besides the customer service their shipping time is superb, 2-3 business days. There are also a multitude of textures to choose from.


4.Virgin Hair by La’Bella

Virgin Hair Companies - Hair For Less - Cheap Virgin Hair

I would say I randomly happened upon the site aswell, but truth is I search for hair and anything hair related every other day, it’s truly an addiction. If you’re a Brazilian hair lover then this is another site for you. If  D.I.Y screw-ups adorn your hair resume, then praise him; because this company offers a custom ombre service and custom coloring. If you need to get your hair shipped express you can also do so as well. Among all the different textures of Brazilian hair, there is also an option to purchase the coveted swiss lace closures.


That completes my list! If you’ve had an experience with any of these companies are just want some info drop a comment and let us know! I hope this Virgin Hair for Less list helps you to looking glam on a budget!


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  • alicia rowe

    i have tried queen virgin remy there pretty good

    • Ashley Savage

      I’ve heard nothing but good things about Queen Virgin Remy. They are definitely up next on my list of companies to try. Thanks for your comment, hope to see you around SY!

      • Lovia

        Did you try it and like it?

        • Ashley Savage

          Apologies for this SUPER late response, but I haven’t tried it! Unfortunately I received some bad reviews about it and didn’t want to risk it

          • ninamarie

            Which company virgin hair by labella

  • Rochelle Davenport

    I have ordered hair from Virgin Hair By LaBella. Their customer service is up to par and the hair is inexpensive and can be dyed, curled, and straightened. I have ordered hair from 3 other companies but Virgin Hair By Labella has def served its purpose for the price!

    • Ashley Savage

      Rochelle, thanks for your comment lady! I’m back in the hair market looking for new hair to try for my next install and along with Queen Virgin Remy , Virgin Hair by LaBella may just need to be added to the list. I hope to see you around SY again soon!

  • Glam Addict

    Great post. I ordered from Effortless Glam and loved it! I have bleached this hair about 3 times in 7 months. I may check out some of the other companies mentioned also. Thanks for this helpful post

    • Ashley Savage

      Thanks and Thank you for reading! I def recommend Glam Goddess they’re super fast with the shipping and their closures are affordable and quality!

  • Slimmdame

    Have you tried la Bella yet?

  • hairqueen76

    You should try great prices and good hair.