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Weave Files: Considering Weave? Things You Should Know

The debate between real hair don’t care and weavie wonder has become all too familiar. In recent times, however I find more and more women considering getting a sew-in, wanting a wig, or just being curious about this Wonderful World of Weave that I have come to love. Thinking on things that I wish I was told and things that my stylist Ti over at Cut Theory 101 taught me, I decided to compile this list. I hope this answers some of those burning questions about extensions and enlightens you if you are considering weave :


1. Weave is NOT an excuse for unhealthy hair.

Straight out the gate. If your hair is unhealthy, work to get it to  healthy state prior to getting an install. Brittle, breaking off hair, as much as we want to hang on to it, must be cut; and chewed ends are really just not cute. ESPECIALLY if you’re considering leaving some of your own hair out . Just because you wear weave does not mean that you do not have to take care of your own hair.

2. Seek a Professional

If you’re looking to get an install or just curious about how your hair would “react” to weave wearing, seek a professionally licensed stylist.  I promise if you get a stylist whom you see regularly for your hair care you will see optimal results. Ti really educated me on my hair so I encourage you to find a stylist who does this for you. Someone who tells you the truth and gives you tips on how to care for and maintain your hair. My hair in the 4 years that I was seeing her grew tremendously! Still considering a weave? Find a stylist that knows about the subject and can help you to healthy hair and a healthy install!

3. Wearing weave can actually aid hair growth

From the previous brings me to this. YES,when managed correctly your hair can grow ! Extensions take the pressure off of your hair to  withstand the numerous heat and products that we apply( sometimes daily ). And if no one has told you excessive heat is horrible for your hair. It is the constant application of heat that can hinder your hair from reaching its full potential.  With weave,  you can flat iron it without worrying about the damage that the heat could do to your own hair. If your hair is braided in a protective style and minimal heat is applied to your leave out (if you have any) you could see significant growth .


3. Glue, Sew-In’s, Wigs, Closures, OH MY!

Scary I know,  just at the mention, some of those word’s conjure up thoughts of  hair inside a comb or on the bathroom floor. This is where proper knowledge of your hair and healthy hair practices should come in when you’re considering weave. Let’s break some of these down:

Glue- Hair Glue in my opinion should be strayed from! Just DONT DO IT. Alas , If you must , please practice moderation. Don’t use too much and don’t keep it in too long. Of course this comes from a doll who thinks the only purpose hair glue should serve is for eyelash application.

Sew-In – More about this throughout this post , but this is the healthiest (imo) solution for long term weave wearing

Wigs- (my new found love) For my dolls who know they can’t keep a style for long or keeping braids is just impossible. Don’t waste your money on a sew in . Invest in a wig(s)! Wigs have come a very long way from the grandma visual that we used to envision whenever one spoke of the word. There are many options that render natural results. Heck! You can even tailor your own to fit you… *As my Kelly Rowland Inspired Wig Post sashays down the runway*.

Closures- Although I’ve never tried this with my sew-in , I’ve only heard good things about them. A closure is for anyone who doesn’t want to leave ANY hair out but still wants a natural look. To me this seems to be the best way to go if you want to protect as much hair as possible. Back to the facts, closures should be the same hair texture as your weave and should blend in with your scalp to produce natural results. Since I’m not very knowledgeable about these I’d suggest you do some YouTube research if  you;re interested.

Choose the method that is best for you and what you know you are capable of properly maintaining. 

 4. Wash Your Weave!

There is nothing more embarrassing than having your man tell you, your hair stinks. Or for him to tell his homeboys “She’s Badd, but her hair smells*. If you have 100% Virgin Remy wash your hair with a moisturizing shampoo and I would recommend deep conditioning it 1-2 times a month to prevent the hair from becoming dry (especially if you have dyed it or processed it with chemicals) . If you just have regular Remy was that too! Be sure that you completely rinse all products out of your hair; even when you think it’s all out rinse again! You should take care of your weave and get longevity out of your investment. p.s. I would use a dry shampoo on your scalp  every so often,if you use products daily ( edge gel, hairspray, mousse)  ; Rubbing the dry shampoo on your finger tips and getting in between your braids in the nooks and crannies under your weave until your  next wash. 

5. Do Not Keep an install for no more than 2-4 Months

I learned this the hard way… Let’s just say I will never keep a sew-in for more than 2 1/2 months ever again. Why? Although I saw substantial growth my hair became matted underneath my install and took me more than 4 hours to de-tangle. Talk about a nightmare!

Depending on the growth rate and texture of your hair the time length of ware can vary. If you are washing your hair (as advised) this only adds to the mess that is going on beneath the braids. As your hair grows, old dead hair is shedding and since your hair is braided there is no way to comb it out and release the tangles that are being made. Give your hair a break and thorough shampoo between installs  . I’ve been through the pain of untangling for all you…thank me later. If you’re considering weave don’t keep it longer than 6-8 weeks!

6. Remy vs Virgin Remy vs Human Hair

I know things can get confusing when it comes to newbies and weave so here’s a breakdown of a these hairtypes. Remy/Remi by by definition  refers to the cuticle layer of the hair being intact and aligned in one direction. More times than not, if not stated that it is virgin, Remy hair  is high quality hair that has been processed. Most times died and straightened or chemically processed to resemble curly/wavy textures. sidenote: Most company’s since the “Remy Craze” have abused the term in labeling their hair as “Remy” . 

Virgin Remy/Pure Virgin is hair that has not been chemically treated. It comes straight from the donor in the donor’s texture and color. This hairtype is good for those who wish to invest in hair that last longer (with proper care) or those who wish dye  their weave to colors of their liking .  Virgin hair can come from different ethnicities of donors Brazilian, Malaysian , Indian , ect  finding the texture that best matches your hair will save a lot of heat styling to your real hair when it comes to blending.  Unless stated that hair is 100% virgin with no chemical processes believe otherwise. serves up 100% unprocessed hair so check them out!…


Human Hair is your regular beauty supply store 20inches for 25$ hair. Great for simple and temporary styles and for the hairnista on a budget! Human Hair (imo) is pointless for sew-ins.  It can’t be washed (because it cleanses the hair of the silicon layers that keep it “healthy looking” and causes it to tangle) , It can’t be died, and the wefts on the hair aren’t very strong which can lead to horrible shedding. However, it’s great for wigs and Quick Weaves and anything that is not long term wear. On the technical side  although it’s “human hair” it can come from different donors and  prior to any chemical processes the cuticle has been destroyed.


7. Use It Don’t Abuse It

With all things too much of a good thing can be a bad thing.  On sight a man’s thought shouldn’t be “look at her weave, bro” . They should be “She looks good, Her hair looks good” . Yes men know when you’re wearing a weave but your hair should be so laid that weave is an afterthought for them! Know when it’s time to take it out… know when it’s not natural looking …and please ladies practice good hair hygiene.

 To weave or not to weave that is the question?


I’ve been plagued with this question and I always answer it with a quote that one of my friends told me ” If your hair is not cut in a style, or doesn’t touch the start of your back, weave it up” lol. That’s all I have dolls! If you are considering weave  or are a weave wearer and  have any questions about anything please let me know!




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  • Daniella Asantewaa

    Do you have a good recommendation for where to purchase a natural looking wig?

    • iamnieshasharay


    • Ashley Savage

      Batiste Dry Shampoo is a great product !

    • Que-N-A

      IG: stylesbyque

  • Ash

    What dry shampoo do you recommend for dirty itchy scalp for people with a weave?

  • more

    There is A LOT THEY don’t tell you about these weaves -_- ……………For one wig caps dry out your hair and slowly pull out your hair And Sew ins are great but the string used to sew in your hair can break your hair off!