Lace Closure Install- Pics,Tricks, & Tips-Install With and Without Concealer

Weave Files: Lace Closure Install- Pics,Tricks, & Tips

Hey Savages! I know I’ve been promising this for the longest, even teasing instagram with pictures of the progress. I finally got around to putting together the post , so here it is a lace closure 101… from the savage perspective.



I was put on to lace closure via the lovely hairnistas of youtube. I purchased mine, a 4×4 virgin brazilian body wave lace closure, from Glam Goddess Hair Extensions ; who was featured in our cheap virgin hair post. Since I am on a skin & hair challenge ( which I will post about also) to get them both right for summer 2013, I decided to go with a closure to dramatically lessen the amount of heat I put on my hair.


The Lace Closure Install

I attempted to “bleach the knots” on the closure and failed tremendously! A true hairnista always bounces back though – more on that  later. I installed 4 bundles of brazilian body wave (18,20,22,22 – purchased separately ). When I first installed it I placed the closure maybe an inch – inch 1/2 behind my hairline and that lasted for all of 2 weeks… I realized I was flat ironing my leave out way more than I wanted to. I had my hair re-braided to leave close to only half an inch of my own hair out along the hair line. The Before and After that I posted to IG above.  I love it being closer to my hairline because it’s easier to manage when the braids begin to get loose , and it’s easier to blend more naturally with my scalp.


The Blending Process

It takes me all of 10 minutes to blend my closure with my scalp since I totally messed up during the “bleaching the knot” process. I use spritz, a metal rat tailed comb, a blow dryer, and a gray fixing tool ( I use this because some of the hair roots are blonde/white from the bleaching process, causing the part to look wider than it should) . The process is simple: Spray the spritz where the closure meets the scalp , take your comb hold it down as hard as you can without hurting yourself, blow dry to set the spritz. After- I use the gray fixer to color the closure’s hair roots , being careful not to get the dye on the lace . When I know I’ll be taking picture I will use concealer to help blend also.The with and without concealer (right to left) .


Final Thoughts

I loveeeeeeeee my lace closure install. It’s one of those “the more you practice the better you’ll get” type of deals; so I am already excited for the outcome of my next install. I’m also anxious to explore the swiss lace closures to compare the quality and natural-ness of the lace. I will probably be wearing closures through out the first half of 2013 or until I feel my hair is healthy enough to withstand heating tools. Have you had a lace closure? What was your experience like? Leave a comment to let me know!

  • Tiyana Peters

    Your blending looks flawless! Beautiful job! I just started wearing closures and am still tweaking it to get it just right. I also attempted to dye my lace and it’s just a bit too brassy for me. Next time!

    • Ashley Savage

      Thanks Tiyana! Omg dyeing/bleaching the lace has to be the most awful part. I was recently made aware of a company that bleaches the knots for you, so I’ll probably be purchasing through them this next time around. Thanks for commenting, hope to see you around SY soon!

  • Ruthie Woodard

    It looks amazing! I’m currently wearing a lace closure (my first one) and I absolutely love it too. The fact that I very very minimum hair out just along my hairline is great. And I don’t have to worry about flat-ironing and blending my hair with the weave. Lol great job, looking forward to more!

  • Aurelie

    What is the color of your lace? :)

  • Jenn

    hi what kind of concealor did you use? i am about to try my first closure and im nervous because im real dark skin and am scared i wont blend well! i love SY thanks for the tips. I tried the maybelline quad for the bronze and brown make up look and i loved it! thank you!

    • Ashley Savage

      Hi Jenn! Firstly thanks for reading! I use a combination of Milani’s Smooth Finish Cream to Powder in Warm spice and a super old L’Oreal concealer. Normally though if your stylist knows what she’s doing it will blend. My current install (video coming next week) I dont even have to do the concealer to blend… lmk if you have more questions!

  • Jenny

    how do you take care of your hair underneath the closure? thanks for this post btw! :) deff buying one for my next install!

    • Ashley Savage

      Hey Jenny! I take care of my hair underneath the install much like I take care of the braids …. I just wash every 2 weeks and try to dry shampoo when needed.

      I’ve had 2 closures with 2 different installs and probably will never go an install without one.

      Thanks for reading!

  • Von

    So I have been obssessing over both lace closure and the color red! For my upcoming birthday (Aug. 9th whoop whoop!!) i wanted to make a full wig with lace closure but but I wanted to dye the clousure red also. If you have any suggestions or knowledge or could direct me to ANYONE else (as of right now im becoming desperate!) on this subject it would be greatly appriciated!
    btw. your hair is LAID hunty! Love it.!

  • Deige

    Ahh I’m in love! It looks so good, you really did a great job

    • Ashley Savage

      Thanks Deige . I’ll be posting my 2nd instal with a lace closure this week with an update on tips & tricks as well

  • D

    I love lace closures, my first lace closure install was a bit of a disaster ; it was installed well but the knots weren’t bleached so it looked wig like and unnatural and i hate it so i went to my hairdresser got the closure taken out, the knots bleached and then reinstalled and i am obsessed i don’t know how i lived without closures in my life tbh. when installed right they are the BOMB.

  • Cassandra Hughes

    Hi, So do you mind sharing what is the proper or effective way to install the closure so that you dont expericen the closure from slipping as you have new growth? I have my closure sewn in with the edges left out and now that i have new growth my closure is starting to slip back giving me a noticable gap. Hopefully you can shed some light on this tragis situation. Thanks :-)

  • Kourtnei

    I really want to try this out