Vintage Sounds & Visuals: “Got Til It’s Gone” Janet Jackson

Before I even jump into the details of this Vintage Visual can we just focus on how hard this song JAMS!
So a few days ago we brought you the new Solange video, “Losing You.” After watching I couldn’t help but think of Janet Jackson’s hit “Got Til It’s Gone.” Both videos vividly depict the merge of African and African-American cultures.
The “Got Til It’s Gone” visual takes us to one of those humid, but your too gone to care type of environments where everyone is busting the best of moves. The song, which is found on arguably Janet Jackson’s best album, The Velvet Rope gives us a super dope beat composed by the hip-hop greats Q-Tip and J Dilla with samples from Joni Mitchell.
Don’t you just want to be in somebody’s lounge sipping and vibing when listening to this? I DO!