The Fiscal Cliff - The Savage Digest: Tips To Lose Holiday Weight, An Understandable Fiscal Cliff Breakdown, Sales Galore - The Best Time To Buy

The Savage Digest: Tips To Lose Holiday Weight, An Understandable Fiscal Cliff Breakdown, Sales Galore – The Best Time To Buy

The Savage Digest is a weekly feature that drops every wednesday with interesting and informational links to articles found around the net . This post is in essence a collective of links, a mini RSS feed of sorts, that we share concerning Beauty, Culture, Style and/or Health.



-{Allure} The holidays are over, sadly. What may have your face in more of a drop is the sudden tightness of your clothes. Allure gives up some helpful tips on how to counteract that sudden sludge that you may be feeling.
-{Huffpost} To all the tea lovers this is for you! Did you know that tea can be used a hair growth aid as well as a natural hair dye and lightner? Don’t take our word for it, read up on the many uses of tea for the hair over on the Huffington Post.
-{PRNews} Join Ulta shops nationwide on January 19th for their annual event “Love Your Skin” and get in the spirit by reclaiming some of Ulta’s Skin New Year’s resolutions as your own.


-{ClutchMag} Lord knows we all have room for improvement, but some celebrities have more than a little room for it. Clutch Magazine rounds up some of their beloved celebrities and suggest a few New Years Resolutions for them.

-{Guardian} We’ve heard the term “fiscal cliff” so much in the past month to where we are all ready to jump off of it. Fortunately enough, Republicans and Democrats have seemed to find a way to NOT hate each other and reach a deal for the sake of the economy. The Guardian gives us a condensed version of what the deal consist of and how it’s going to effect everyone from Bill Gates to little ole us.

-{Postscrptd} 2012 has ended, but what better way to start 2013 than with a good book? Postscriptd list out their favorite books from 2012; no need to guess, 50 Shades of Grey is on there.



-{BakersShoes} It’s that time of the year where Blow out sales are simply unavoidable! Its honestly the best time to shop. If you didn’t know, many Bakers Shoe stores are going out of business. So naturally, They are having a huge in-store and online sales going on RIGHT NOW! So be sure to check out the latest styled shoes (ranging from heels to knee high boots), AS LOW AS $15.90!

-{the SY desks} Remember when, We discussed “Virgin Hair Companies: Hair for less”; which was composed of greatly priced virgin hair! Well We’ve tried out one of the companies, QueenVirginRemy. This company is based out of Atlanta, Georgia and can also be found via Instagram. Stay tuned for a full review!

-{Victoria’sSecret} It’s here guys! Victoria’s Secret Semi Annual Sale began today! One of your best options for discounted sexy sleepwear brings you a new “Bandeau” top, which is very similar to a halter. This cute top can be worn around the house casually or under a nice blazer! Check out the sales I’m sure you can find some cute new undies, or a hoody to keep you warm in this weather!