Tips & Tricks: Invest in a Face Exfoliating Brush


After some deep thought, I realized that I am truly a product junky! It is real Savages!  I’m fine with that title though, as long as I can continue to keep you all up-to-date with the latest products and gadgets I’m ok with that.  If you’ve seen the featured image above then you know where […]

Product Lust: Sea Breeze Astringent- The Itchy Weave Scalp Relief Miracle

Product Lust- Sea Breeze Astringent- The Stop Patting Your Itchy Weave Miracle

Itchy Itchy Ya Ya Ya! We’ve all sung this song before. And even if you’re not a weave wearer, a deep cleansing of  the scalp is something that we all could use from time to time! However, for my weave & braid wearers I  ask this simple question:  Have you ever experienced that itch that could not […]

Health: Tips & Tricks to Quick Healthy Weight Loss

Health- Tips & Tricks to Quick Healthy Weight Loss

We all do it! Wait until the very last minute to work out and diet before a vacation! It’s ok, and we completely understand how losing those extra few pounds can really make a difference in the fit of your clothes!So In addition to working out , changing your diet can make a tremendous difference. […]

Fierce Fridays: Slay with Eyelash Extensions – A Quick Eyelash Guide

Adrienne Bailon Eyelash Extensions The X Factor Finalists Party

Let’s get real, in the world of celebrity glam just about everyone wears Eyelash Extensions . Wether they be strips, individuals, Mink, or 100% Human Hair you can achieve a fierce look to add an extra bit of savage to your weekend, daily look, or special occasion.   If you want to be Flirty or seductively […]

The Savage Digest: Simple Tips To Brighten Under Eyes, TV show “Girls” Gets Real On Body Image, And Style’s Split Second Previews Of Fashion Week Collections


Beauty   -{TheBeautyDepartment} Bags, if you can jump in the ones under your eyes and live there then this one is for you! The Beauty Department gives you their “oh so simple” technique on how to conceal and brighten the under eye. {WWD} If you’re loving our recent mani & nail art addition to the color crush […]

The Savage Digest: Defeat Winter Chapped Lips, Life Lessons from “The Devil Wears Prada”, and Justin Timberlake & Tom Ford Team Up For “20/20″

The Savage Digest- Defeat Winter Chapped Lips, Life Lessons from "The Devil Wears Prada", and Justin Timberlake & Tom Ford Team Up For "20/20"

Beauty   -{Allure} Chapped Lips? Dry Skin.. the many plagues of the wonderful season we call winter! Please, for all of our sakes fight off your cracked lips and regin victorious with a moisturized pout ANYONE would want to kiss. Use the info graciously laid out by Allure to do so. {TheGrio} Once and for all let’s […]

Style: Office Style – The Do’s & Dont’s for The Fierce Professional

Picture 2

Firstly, This post is way over due chile …!  Either you’ve witnessed it or you’re guilty of wearing inappropriate clothing at the J-O-B!  I’m talking tops that show revealing cleavage , super tight slacks, stiletto platform pumps (4.5 inches+ heel), excessive jewelry and night-life makeup! Most of the time your co-workers are trying to figure […]

Beauty: Switch It Up! – Eyeliner Ideas For Everyday Wear

Beauty- Switch It Up! -  Eyeliner Ideas for everyday wear-lanvin

Hi Savages! I hope that you are recovering from your holiday break and getting back to business as usual! Thank God it’s Friday, and we’ve got some crazy, sexy, cool eyeliner ideas for everyday wear just for you! This post is to inspire you to change up your regular routine and infuse some spice into […]

Style: How To Look Good On A Bad Day

Kim Kardashian Loose Ponytail and Oversized Glasses

We all have them! Days where we roll out the bed 20 minutes before we are supposed to be somewhere , have to make a quick run to the mall, or just don’t feel like gettin all glammed up. Then there are those bad hair , swollen sunken eyes, and hangover days that we just […]

Beauty on a Budget: Fall Skin Products & Tips For A Flawless Face

Fall Skin Products & Tips for Flawless Skin - Janelle Monae Covergirl

Now that fall is officially here it’s time to change up your skin regimen and get ready to brace for the cold dry months of the year. As I embark on a journey to flawless skin, I ran across some tips to help achieve a Flawless Fall Face. While expensive facial products are amazing, let’s face […]

Beauty: 5 Makeup Do’s and Dont’s For Black Women

La La Anthony Full Eyelashes

It’s Friday! Heyyyy! *in my 90′s voice* What’s up beauty mavens? As I don’t claim to have all the answers , just a lady who loves Makeup, there are just some things that Black Women sin and win in. Taking a cue from the comments on our NYX Makeup Artist Kit Contest  we’ve put together 5 […]

Shoe Etiquette 101: Food For The Sole

Evelyn Lozada Shoes

  Whether you are a super model fashionista or an athletic sneaker head, a time will arrive when you will have to make a decision about the appropriate shoe choice.  I’ve attended several events and observed ladies who wore the perfect outfit, only to down it by wearing the wrong shoe.  Below are some of the latest and hottest shoe […]

Health: Let’s Stay Cool This Summer!


I’m sure we can all agree that this summer heat has been more than uncomfortable! Keeping your hair and makeup fresh is important to say the least, but staying hydrated is even more vital….While trying to look cute and beat the heat all in one, here are a few tips to stay cool. Eat your […]