Yes, Another “Best Of” List: 2013′s Top Movies, Music, and TV Shows

Best Music 2013

YOU AIN’T GOT THE ANSWERS!: Is Kanye West Right or Nah?


In case you’ve missed it, Kanye West has released his self-inflicted gag order with the media since the release of his sixth studio album, Yeezus. Between the interviews and tours, West has made it VERY clear where he stands with the fashion industry big dogs, and  I can’t say I’m completely mad at him. West […]

King Without A Crown?: Kendrick Lamar Rapper of the Year & It Wasn’t Even Close

King Without A Crown?- Kendrick Lamar Rapper of the Year & It Wasn't Even Close

It has indeed been a successful year for hip-hop music. From A$AP Rocky starting the year off with a chart topping album, to the summer of hip-hop that saw releases from Jay Z, Kanye West, J. Cole, & Mac Miller; and to both Drake and Eminem’s platinum selling efforts. It is clear that it’s been […]

Culture: King Kendrick Lamar – Opinions from Mr.Savage

Kendrick Lamar - Side

Unless you have been living under a rock or exiled from social media for the past 12+ hours you know that Kendrick Lamar has put the Internet and the music community in a frenzy. Last night Big Sean leaked a song that did not quite make it to his upcoming album, Hall of Fame, due […]

Music Mondays: What We’re Jamming – Bimmer by Tyler The Creator, Swangin’ by Stalley, & More! (New Music 2013)


New week, new opportunities, and of course NEW MUSIC! Seeing that we took the more R&B route last week on our Music Monday mix, I wanted to bring you all some of the rap joints that I’ve been peeping. 1. Bimmer by Tyler The Creator ft. Frank Ocean Probably the most ironic piece of today’s […]

Album Lust: The 20/20 Experience – Justin Timberlake

Album Lust- The 20:20 Experience - Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake took the world by storm when he left ‘NSYNC in pursuit of fulfilling his desire for a solo career. With hit album Justified and borderline classic FutureSex/LoveSounds it seemed that Justin Timberlake had made his mark on R&B. Then as well all know, he took a break…..a long break. It has been over […]

Music Mondays: What We’re Jamming – Strawberry Bubblegum by Justin Timberlake, Estelle, & More (New Music 2013)


So savages, we are revamping our Music Mondays by giving you a preset mix! Yep, no more having to bounce in between the different tracks, it’s all ready to go for you in a nice Youtube package! This is allowing me to tap into my inner disc jockey skills, so I hope you all enjoy […]

Sounds & Visuals: “Dont Let Me Down” by Solange on The Late Show with David Letterman

THIS IS MY JAM Y’ALL! Ok, now that I’ve got that out of the way, lets jump into this week’s Sounds & Visuals. Solange’s latest EP “True” was indeed a true gem! The Houston native has been on a blazing tour full of sold out shows and satisfied fans as of late. Last week she […]

The Savage Digest: Rihanna & MAC Will Be Unapologetic To Our Wallets, Rachel Roy On Her Fall 2013 Inspiration Playlist, & The Benefits of Coconut Water

The Savage Digest- Rihanna & MAC Cosmetics Will Be Unapologetic To Our Wallets, Rachel Roy Shares Her Fall 2013 Collection Playlist, And The Health Benefits of Coconut Water

Beauty -{WWD} Haven’t been getting enough of Rihanna? Obviously not!  It’s being reported that the “Unapologetic” singer will also NOT be sorry for raking in the coins that we throw to her new MAC Cosmetics collection. Properly named “Riri (hearts) MAC” the cosmetics collab we’ve been waiting for will include not only just lipsticks & lipglass, […]

Sounds & Visuals: “We Up” – 50 Cent ft. Kendrick Lamar and Kidd Kidd

We Up 50 Cent is a brand spanking new song! It’s what we like to consider a banger and also has some pretty cool visuals to tag along. Who would have thought, 50 would rise from the ashes in this way? Yes THE 50 cent is set to drop his 5th studio album entitled “Street […]

Sounds & Visuals: “Water Runs Dry” – Boyz 2 Men

While we give our wonderful Culture curator Krystal a well deserved break …I decided to hit y’all with an oldie but goodie. Yes yes y’all real R&B , not that “urban contemporary” stuff that the Grammys was hollering on Sunday. Um, who else do you know that can sing and harmonize in a barren dry […]

Music: The 55th Annual Grammy Music Awards 2013 Performances – The Savage List

miguel-wizKhalifa 2013 Grammys

The 55th annual Grammy Music Awards aired tonight and surely did not sell us short with the number of performances provided to us. While we had fun live tweeting with our fellow Twitter family, we also got a chance to gather up our top live Grammy performances of the night! The performances were somewhat underwhelming, […]

Sounds & Visuals: “Clown” by Emeli Sande’

Well Ladies and Gentlemen, the British are back again with another powerhouse vocalist. I swear there is something in the water over there! If you haven’t heard of Emeli Sande’ get into her music NOW! The blonde-tressed singer been blazing the UK charts with her hit single, “Next To Me,” and gaining steam in the […]

Sounds & Visuals: “In The A” – Big Boi ft. Ludacris and T.I.

Big Boi, who recently was featured on our Music Monday post has returned to Savagely Yours with a new visual. Before we get into the video I should let you all know that if you haven’t already copped Big Boi’s latest album, Vicious Lies & Dangerous Rumors, please stop sleeping and pick it up! Big […]

Music Mondays: What We’re Jamming- Suit & Tie, Fly Ass Pisces, & Nuclear ( New Music 2013 )

the cover of life

Happy Monday Savages! Since it has been pretty quiet in the music realm as far as new album releases go, I figured you all would LOVE a recap of last week’s January Jams, that we are currently jamming! Fly Ass Pisces by Cocaine 80s ft. Jhene Aiko and Common This smooth track comes from Cocaine […]

Sounds & Visuals: “Adorn” at The Tonight Show – Miguel

We just can’t get enough of this song! Miguel recently stopped by The Jay Leno Show to perform is GRAMMY NOMINATED hit, Adorn. Get into his performance complete with a live band to spice things up. The song definitely has some longevity since it has been a hit sing early summer of last year. With […]

Music: Is Sixteen Just Enough For Andre 3000? – An Open Letter to Andre 3000 Fans

Music- Is Sixteen Just Enough For Andre 3000? - An Open Letter to Andre 3000 Stans

At times, we all wish we could step into the mind of all of those creatively great artists out there just to get the slightest idea of how they do what they do. What we find might not be of much surprise to us at all. I’ve found that a number of the artist I […]

In The Rearview: Music – Best of 2012


Now that we’ve successfully made it past “The Mayan Apocolypse” and have recovered from the Christmas holidays we can look back at 2012 and say one thing for sure, WHAT A YEAR! Musically, we got to experience some returns from the greats and some debuts from the newbies. Of course we had to put together […]

Vintage Sounds & Visuals: (Holiday Edition) “O Holy Night” – Mariah Carey

This weeks Sounds & Visuals will be dedicated to the Christmas Holidays, so if you still aren’t in the spirit — GET THERE via the visuals. You can also check out our post feature the top Must-Have Holiday albums. O Holy Night – Mariah Carey … instant classic! Nobody, I mean NOBODY is touching Mariah […]

Mixtape Madness: Don’t Be S.A.F.E. – Trinidad James Mixtape


ATL’s own, Trinidad James has the Internet going NUTZ behind his hit “All Gold Everything,” ; but is he the real deal or just dropped a good hit for us to get ratchet to { more on this later} ? This weekend I finally decided to check out his mixtape Dont Be S.A.F.E. to see […]

Sounds & Visuals: (Holiday Edition) “A Christmas Song For You” – Kem

This week’s Sounds & Visuals will be dedicated to the Christmas Holidays, so if you still aren’t in the spirit — GET THERE via the visuals. You can also check out our post feature the top Must-Have Holiday albums. One week from today we will be celebrating the Christmas holiday! Raise your hand if you […]

Fast Forward:The Beyonce’ HBO Documentary


runs around the blogsphere franticly shouting ‘KING BEY’, Slowly and calmly sets Beyonce’ stannery aside and takes four deep breaths WHEW. The current Queen of EVERYTHING… slaps stannery back into place The current queen of pop is bearing all come Feburary 16, 2013. Soon after Beyonce’ serves up a fresh meal of fierceness at the halftime […]

Savage Shop: 5 Gifts For The Music Lover


Music Monday?? Don’t mind if we do! Are you stuck in a rut on Christmas gifts for some people? Do they love music? Check out the Savagely Yours suggestions on some perfect gifts for the music lover. Low Price Range: Vinyl Records (various prices) A great way to satisfy any music lover is to go […]

Sounds & Visuals: “Mirrors” – Jhene Aiko

Yep, DOUBLE DOSAGE! I just could not pass up the opportunity to give my girl, Jhene Aiko some light! Remember the little girl that use to be the opening act for all of the B2K shows back in the day? Yep, that was Jhene Aiko! Earlier last year she hopped back on the scene with […]

Sounds & Visuals: “Remember Me” – Daley ft. Jessie J

If Adele wasn’t enough of a beast to let you know that these UK-ers are the definition of talent, then SURELY Daley will convince you of so. Daley is a newcomer ,  and boy does he have a voice on him! He recently dropped off a visual for his latest single, “Remember Me.” Fellow UK […]