Beauty: 2012 Thanksgiving Lipstick Inspiration

Revlon Caramel Galce - Thanksgiving Lipstick Inspiration

Hello lipstick lover!  Tomorrow is the infamous turkey day and wether you’re bringing your new beaux around the gang (huge family gathering) or if you’re enjoying an intimate meal with your immediate family we’ve got 3 great Thanksgiving lipstick inspirations for you to pucker up with in those family pictures that will soon be hitting […]

Beauty: HOLLAween- Chic Halloween 2012 Makeup Ideas

Superwoman Chic - Halloween Makeup Ideas

Yes, you read it correctly HOLLAween, why? because at our age we’re no longer trick or treating for candy but hitting the hottest  gatherings in the city to party it up. We all know that Halloween is an excuse to dress with less and be super extra. Well who said that you can look hot […]

Beauty: Eyeliners That Will Last From Dawn to Dusk

Eyeliner That Will Last From Dawn to Dusk- Wet 'n' Wild Mega Eyes Crème Liner

I’ve been wearing eyeliner since I was 13 and to say the least I love the shh..stuff.  I’ve experimented with everything from pencils to markers and liquids to gels. Alot of which do not stand the test of time. No one wants to put on eyeliner only to look in the mirror  two hours later […]

Beauty: 4 Quick Tips to Reduce Oil and Shine

Sephora Blotting Papers Collection- Oil Control Tips and Tricks

Shine… the oily girl’s nightmare. Here you will find 4 easy and simple tips to reduce oil and shine. Just know that  if you’re going out for a night on the town….shine is inevitable if you  A. have oily skin or  B. plan on dancing the night away. I am so passionate about oily skin […]

Product Review :Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Skin Perfector (Deep)

Maybelline BB Cream Deep Review

Yo Savages! Happy Sunday! Did you miss me? Well I’m back and here with a product review, peep it below: When I first researched BB creams , my first question was- what in the HECK does BB mean? Most people are probably wondering the same thing. According to Wikipedia the “B-B” in BB cream means […]

Beauty Haul: Anti Frizz Polishing Treatment, BB Cream, African Black Soap, and more!

Beauty Haul - Anti Frizz Polishing Treatment, BB Cream, African Black Soap, and more

I confess, I’ve been slacking on the documentation of my beauty hauls. BLEH but alas, this weekend was full of tons of great deals and thrills for me. My first Birchbox came in and included a couple of awesome products that I am definitely considering buying . It also included some not so hot samples […]

Beauty: Romantic Fall – Bronze and Brown Makeup Look

Romantic Fall Brown 3

My love for pinterest has been expressed all throughout the site and it doesn’t end . So here, taking inspiration from this technique and Brown Makeup look : I decided to supply you savage beauties (especially those of you on a budget) with a Romantic bronze and brown look for the fall. What I used: Maybelline […]