True Life: I’m Obsessed with Weave! What’s your Beauty Obsession?


  Hair, Hair, and More Hair Weave, Bundles, Tracks, extensions…whatever your pet name is. We have ALL worn a piece of false hair some point in our lives (and if you haven’t you’ve considered it… we SEE you)! For some reason my fondness for hair has grown into an absolute LOVE AFFAIR! Savages, I cannot […]

The Post-Grad Life: Relationships

The Post-Grad Life- Relationships

Graduation! This point in your life might just be the greatest time…ever. The feeling of accomplishment that overcomes  you when receiving your degree is indescribable. On top of that, there is a newfound freedom that is felt once you realize that  you are so that much closer to actualizing your dreams. While in the midst of such a great […]

Get Your Life: Spring Cleaning for Your Phonebook/Life – Slide And Delete

Get Your Life- Spring Cleaning for Your Phonebook (and Your Life) - Slide & Delete

It is spring time! And as we’ve said before, its time to start cleaning unnecessary clutter out of your life. One thing that goes unnoticed and untouched during our spring cleaning sabbaticals is the necessary evil,  cell lives phones.  So why don’t we just dive right on into “Spring Cleaning for Your Phonebook (and Your Life)”       […]

From The Desk Of Mr.Savage: Who is a Real Nigga?

From The Desk Of MrSavage- Who is a Real Nigga

“You like to mistake a Street Nigga for Real Nigga. The same nigga that kill with ya, will squeal with ya.” – Kendrick Lamar; “Poe Man’s Dreams (His Vice)”, Section 80 You ever heard a line of a song and thought to yourself, “This is what I’ve been trying to say,” or “That is the […]

Food For Thought: Sex & Spirituality – Views On The @EssenceMag “Single, Sexy & Saved” Article

Food For Thought- Sex & Spirituality - Views On The @EssenceMag Single, Sexy & Saved Article

(I apologize in advanced for the length , but it had to be talked about) Um yes. You read that title correctly. I was recently drawn to this article written by Charreah K. Jackson in the March 2013 edition of Essence Magazine by a small but noticeable title on the cover that read “Yes, You […]

Luxe Life: Get your Life and Get a Vision Board!


It’s a New Year! It’s a New Year! Yes I know your probably getting tired of the New Year References, but hey we here at SY are just trying to get you RIGHT! Soooo this past week I created my First VISION BOARD….Yasssss! Now we’re urging you get your life… and get a vision board!   […]

Savage Life: The Life of a Savage… Focusing On “Relax, Don’t Worry” – The Midweek Meltdown

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Dear Savages….Scratch that, I’m reporting live from “He may not come when you want Him”-ville. As I’ve let the world know in my past midweek meltdowns, the job hunt struggle is real; And not for the faint at faith or heart. Today’s post is a sorts of praise report/encouraging word to anyone out there who […]

A Buggs Life: The Life Of A Savage… Embracing Change – The Midweek Meltdown

A Buggs Life- The Life Of A Savage... Embracing Change - The Midweek Meltdown 2

Happy Hump Day Savages! Seeing that Que and Ashley have both taken time to have their meltdown moments on here, I thought it was time you all hear my cry about  Embracing Change. My Story About six months ago I made one of the biggest decisions of my LIFE. No, seriously. I packed up and moved over 1500 […]

Luxe Life: 2013 New Years Resolutions For The Mind, Body, and Soul

2013 New Years Resolutions For The Mind, Body, and Soul

With a New Year comes New Year’s Resolutions.  These are wishful hopes of starting the New Year off the right way.  Even though they may not always last, or actually even take off it is always appropriate to evaluate your decisions of the previous year and  prepare a list for the New Year complete with […]

Luxe Life: 5 New Years Eve Club Alternatives


As much as we LOVE belligerently yelling to count in the new year in a crowded room full of people who’ve had one too many drinks, it can get old. with New Years Eve right around the corner Savagely Yours wanted to give you some alternative New Years Eve ideas to help you bring in […]

Luxe Life: 5 Holiday Drinks To Get You In The Spirit

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Guys, I am NOT cut out for east coast winter weather! Being a southern girl, I’m use to 60 degree winters and apparently that’s a complete JOKE here in NYC! — Try 30 degree weather and this is only the beginning! Lord, HELP ME. In the midst of my weather crisis I always turn to […]

Q-n-A: The Life Of a Savage…. in Nursing School – The Midweek Meltdown


Savages! Oh how I’ve missed thou! If you didn’t know, I am actively in Nursing school, pursuing my second degree in Nursing. And my, oh my is it a struggle. As many of you (I’m sure) have experienced juggling several things at once, you can understand the difficulty in my personal life right now! With any pressure […]