Summer Time Fine: #SYFINE 30 Day Core & Glute Challenge

Summer Time Fine- SYFINE 30 Day Core and Glute Challenge

After concluding our 60 day challenge which mainly involved food disciplines, I decided to craft our next challenge around movement (with the help of instagram and my personal trainer @AR_fit_) . The summer is not too far away and it is literally CRUNCH time (see what I did there).  Im not sure what gets you […]

Werk: The Clamp (Pre Spring Break Exercise) -Workout Wednesday

Pre Spring Break Exercise

Well Hellooooo Loves! It’s Ms “Que-N-A,” the lady with the answers for all of your questions! Welp, Spring Break is near and I know most of you are ready to jump into a bikini. If you’ve been following our “Summer Time Fine” series, we’re gonna supercharge it with some POWER ABS for Spring break. Even […]

Health: Tips & Tricks to Quick Healthy Weight Loss

Health- Tips & Tricks to Quick Healthy Weight Loss

We all do it! Wait until the very last minute to work out and diet before a vacation! It’s ok, and we completely understand how losing those extra few pounds can really make a difference in the fit of your clothes!So In addition to working out , changing your diet can make a tremendous difference. […]

Werk: Exercises To Get Rid Of Love Handles at Home – Workout Wednesdays

Werk: Exercises To Get Rid Of Love Handles at Home - Workout Wednesdays

Continuing in our Summer Time Fine series is a much needed video for anyone trying to get into that “iny-beenie” bikini. Checkout these simple enough to do a home exercises to get rid of love handles  Exercises To Get Rid Of Love Handles: Do Cardio + The Exercises shown here! Standing Dumbbell Knee Reaches Arms […]

Werk: Dumbbell Reach – Workout Wednesdays

Werk: Dumbbell Reach - Workout Wednesdays

Workout Wednesdays are back! Everybody say …. Summer Time Fine!  If you’re like me you’re at square one of your “Summer Time Fine Workout Plan”, which is to say you really haven’t started yet. So from here on and through-out February we’ll be featuring easy workouts to get you started! First up is this simple […]

Health: HIV and Black Women – Why you Should Be In The Know


With the Beginning of a New Year, We here at SY could not ignore a topic that has became a spiraling downfall to the African American community! With the perception of a “New Year, New Me” It’s only right to be well educated and protected from a disease that is becoming a plague to the […]

Werk: An Effective Running Routine – Workout Wednesdays


If you have not started your workout regimen, let’s not wait till the new year, START NOW! Starting ahead of time will prepare you for your new lifestyle, and possibly begin your NEW YEAR with a NEW BODY! I’m sure a lot of you have been throwing down on the Holiday Food! However, even if […]

Q-n-A: The Life Of a Savage…. in Nursing School – The Midweek Meltdown


Savages! Oh how I’ve missed thou! If you didn’t know, I am actively in Nursing school, pursuing my second degree in Nursing. And my, oh my is it a struggle. As many of you (I’m sure) have experienced juggling several things at once, you can understand the difficulty in my personal life right now! With any pressure […]

Werk: Hip Raise Exercise – Workout Wednesdays

Hip Raise Exercise - Workout Wednesdays

Werk is a post designated to get you right! Every week we give you different workouts that you can add to your workout routine. Check back every Wednesday to get inspired.    All you want for your birthdayyyy is a big booty … guh? Well If your’re looking for a exercise to supplement your squats […]

Health: Breast Cancer Awareness Part II-Breast Self Exams


In  honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the Savagely Yours Team would like to continue to educate and enlighten! Today we will inform you on Breast Self Exams and why they are so vital to early detection. To eliminate a myth about this practice, understand that the Breast Self Exam is NOT a tool used […]

Health: Low Calorie Fast Food Options

Health-Low Calorie Fast Food Options

As a fly savage you’re always on the go, so eating healthy can be a struggle. Especially when it comes to cost and accessibility. You’re not always near a whole foods store and you sometimes forget to pack your lunch. Not to worry, we’ve heard your cry.  Behold… these low calorie fast food options that […]

Health: Making a Lasting Impression with Your Smile

Tips For Making A Lasting Impression With Your Smile

Did you know a smile has health benefits?  If you are feeling down, smiling can cheer you up by tricking your body into thinking you are in a good mood.  Smiling can ease your stress and even boost your immune system.  Smiling has social benefits too. Some studies[1] indicate that smiling can make you look […]