Health: Breast Cancer Awareness 2013

  Breast Cancer Awareness 2012 is here Savages! As you should know, OCTOBER is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month! The National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM) is a collaboration of national public service organizations, professional medical associations, and government agencies working together to promote breast cancer awareness, share information on the disease, and provide greater […]

Health Diary: My 7 Day Detox Experience


If you have read some of my other health posts such as, “Health: Tips & Tricks to Quick Healthy Weight Loss” You have endured my interest in living a healthy lifestyle and my obsession with being “swim suit ready” at all times!  So of course the idea of living a healthy lifestyle led me to […]

Health: Tips & Tricks to Quick Healthy Weight Loss

Health- Tips & Tricks to Quick Healthy Weight Loss

We all do it! Wait until the very last minute to work out and diet before a vacation! It’s ok, and we completely understand how losing those extra few pounds can really make a difference in the fit of your clothes!So In addition to working out , changing your diet can make a tremendous difference. […]

The Savage Digest: Tips To Lose Holiday Weight, An Understandable Fiscal Cliff Breakdown, Sales Galore – The Best Time To Buy

The Fiscal Cliff - The Savage Digest: Tips To Lose Holiday Weight, An Understandable Fiscal Cliff Breakdown, Sales Galore - The Best Time To Buy

The Savage Digest is a weekly feature that drops every wednesday with interesting and informational links to articles found around the net . This post is in essence a collective of links, a mini RSS feed of sorts, that we share concerning Beauty, Culture, Style and/or Health. Beauty/Health -{Allure} The holidays are over, sadly. What […]

Health: Making a Lasting Impression with Your Smile

Tips For Making A Lasting Impression With Your Smile

Did you know a smile has health benefits?  If you are feeling down, smiling can cheer you up by tricking your body into thinking you are in a good mood.  Smiling can ease your stress and even boost your immune system.  Smiling has social benefits too. Some studies[1] indicate that smiling can make you look […]

Health: What Do You Know About Stress?

Young Woman Thinking

  Howdy Savages! The end of the year is quickly approaching! & If you’re anything like me you either have or will be experiencing tons of stress!  Whether you’re working hard for your next promotion, preparing for mid-terms, dealing with family & personal issues or juggling a little bit of it all…. There is no doubt that you are experiencing […]

Health: Detox 101-Simple Ways to Detoxify

Detox 101-Simple Ways to Detoxify - Lemon Water

I’m sure we’ve all heard of the word, and some of you probably do it without knowing . Detox (the act of doing it) should become a regular part of our lives in order to optimize our bodies for healthy living. So I’ve put together a brief education section and a couple of  simple detox methods […]

Beauty & Health: The secret world of booty shots!

I’m sure I am not the only person who has recognized the sudden epidemic of over sized booties! Although black women have always been known for their knock out curves… this new enhancement has not only caused a great deal of attention, but serious medical issues and unfortunately DEATH! Before the word got out, many […]

Health: Let’s Stay Cool This Summer!


I’m sure we can all agree that this summer heat has been more than uncomfortable! Keeping your hair and makeup fresh is important to say the least, but staying hydrated is even more vital….While trying to look cute and beat the heat all in one, here are a few tips to stay cool. Eat your […]