Hair: To Be Or Not To Be (Natural)..That is Definitely The Question


 I’m truly excited for everyone who is curious to go BACK to natural. I say “back” because not everyone came into this world with relaxed, silky straight hair. That’s for another post though.  I get an array of questions when it comes to natural hair and it’s care  so this will be me tackling some […]

Product Review: Macadamia Natural Oil Hair Products


I know that I am lonnnnng over due for a PRODUCT REVIEW, but this one is sure worth the wait! As you all know I have been on a healthy hair journey of sorts. I have left #teamsewin and turned to wigs. I have also incorporated a more consistent hair regimen.  All of these efforts […]

Product Battle: Hicks Edges vs KeraCare’s Edge Tamer

Product Battle- Hicks Edges vs KeraCare's Edge Tamer

I confess, I am a product junky. Most times I am searching for the end all be all product and I shop around with different brands to compare the end results. In my latest battle I put Hicks Edges , which I suggested as a product you should pick up awhile back, and KeraCare’s Edge […]

Weave Files: Lace Closure Install- Pics,Tricks, & Tips

Lace Closure Install- Pics,Tricks, & Tips-Install With and Without Concealer

Hey Savages! I know I’ve been promising this for the longest, even teasing instagram with pictures of the progress. I finally got around to putting together the post , so here it is a lace closure 101… from the savage perspective.     I was put on to lace closure via the lovely hairnistas of […]

Werk: Why Black Girls Don’t Exercise, Problem Solved – Workout Wednesdays


Outed by a recent study(HuffPost), one of our many priorities is keeping our hair in tip-top shape! And as Black Women we take pride in our hair, especially when it’s been recently styled! Soooo running a mile is usually the farthest thing from our minds. Unfortunately for us, running and a new hair ‘do just […]

Product Lust: Sedu Pro Ionic Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron

Product Lust- Sedu Pro Ionic Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron

Tis the season for giving!!! The Sedu Pro Ionic Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron is a new addition to my wishlist, in hopes that it will be gifted to me!  If you thought CHI was the end all be all of flat irons think again! The Sedu is at the top of most “Best Flat Iron” lists […]

Product Lust: Hicks Edges


Another product post mainly for the weave artists , but honestly this product is for anyone who likes their hair laid and sleek. Hicks Total Transformations exclusive hair products has an amazing edge pomade appropriately named Hicks Edges.   I’ve been using Hicks Edges for about 2 1/2 months and am totally in love with […]

Hair: Michelle Obama’s Hair – Taking Notes From The FLOTUS

Michelle Obama's Hair - Taking Notes From FLOTUS

It’s election season! Whoop! Which means if you’re in the legal rights to do so, we encourage you to exercise that right and Vote! In the meantime it seems that much of the world has been swooning over First Lady, Michelle Obama’s perfectly teased hair this election season. MO is no stranger to the perfection […]

Beauty Haul: Anti Frizz Polishing Treatment, BB Cream, African Black Soap, and more!

Beauty Haul - Anti Frizz Polishing Treatment, BB Cream, African Black Soap, and more

I confess, I’ve been slacking on the documentation of my beauty hauls. BLEH but alas, this weekend was full of tons of great deals and thrills for me. My first Birchbox came in and included a couple of awesome products that I am definitely considering buying . It also included some not so hot samples […]

Hair Crush: Rihanna’s Loose Wavy Side Parted Hair

Rihanna Loose Wavy hair

Hey hairnistas!  This week has been beyond filled with appointments and such as I delve into the fabulous world of the city named Atlanta , but today I bring you a hair crush! Hair Crush like our Beauty Crush posts will give you as many dupes (look a-likes) in a range of prices and also provide inspiration for […]

Weave Files: Sexy Flexi-Rod Waves


Want to style your weave without heat? No worries Flexi-Rods are here to save the day! As previously posted in my  Top 3 Youtube Extension Channels there are a plethora of youtube videos on how to style and wear your weave so indulge! Today I decided to make some sexy bombshell waves that are perfect for the […]

Savage Life : Hair And Hip Hop Atlanta


Finally! A chance to sit and write about the savage life! Weekends in the A are full of fun and always something to do so let’s go ahead and dive into my Friday adventure. I had the wonderful opportunity to attend Hair & Hip Hop at the GlamBar in downtown Atlanta. Hosted by the awesome ladies […]

Beauty Haul!


whoot! It’s Beauty Haul time! For those who have seen the numerous videos on youtube of personal beauty hauls, you know what time it is! For those that don’t here’s a brief description on this post category: Every so often (most time once , twice, even three times a week ! lol ) I visit a local […]