Tips & Tricks: Invest in a Face Exfoliating Brush


After some deep thought, I realized that I am truly a product junky! It is real Savages!  I’m fine with that title though, as long as I can continue to keep you all up-to-date with the latest products and gadgets I’m ok with that.  If you’ve seen the featured image above then you know where […]

Health Diary: My 7 Day Detox Experience


If you have read some of my other health posts such as, “Health: Tips & Tricks to Quick Healthy Weight Loss” You have endured my interest in living a healthy lifestyle and my obsession with being “swim suit ready” at all times!  So of course the idea of living a healthy lifestyle led me to […]

Savagely Yours TV: Product Review – Lucid Cosmetics “The Hills” Lipgloss (Video)

Picture 19

Hi Savages! If you’ve read my FIRST Product Review, then I am defintely excited to bring to you my first videoed product review! Watch below…   ” The Hills” by Lucid Cosmetics is a great lipgloss! Created by past Basketball Wives personality Jennifer Williams, this lipgloss is not your average celebrity bootleg product. The Good Goes […]

Instagram Beauty: @LeeLee418 , @sonjdradeluxe , & @Macdoll1 Red Lips and Rosy Cheeks

Instabeauties- Intagram FOTD Macdoll1

Monday again, so you know what time it is! A little beauty inspiration to kickoff your week. I’m still suffering from a heartache that my LSU team diagnosed me with this past weekend and there’s no other way to cheer me up but some beat faces and great hair! This post is an image based post […]

Let’s Talk: 2012 New Trends… Stay or Go Away?!

Adrienne Bailon Leone Leather Headpiece

Dear Savages, Lately, I’ve noticed several 2012 NEW trends in the World of Fashion.  Some, obviously recycled while others were seen on reality shows and simply hit the streets viral… Though all styles are not my favs, I would like to share the variety of different trends with you… Include my thoughts on them, & most importantly receive your feedback on […]

Relationships: (Part II) When Being Good Enough, Sometimes Isn’t Good Enough…

(Part II) When Being Good Enough, Sometimes Isn't Good Enough

Hello Cuties! I’m sure you all enjoyed Ashley’s explanation of characterized men in our lives through the infamous “Is He Your Butler, Baker or Pharaoh ?”  Well welcome to the follow up… Part II! I’ve realized that  women not only need to know what type of man they are investing time in, they also need to be aware of the positions they’re placing themselves […]

Relationships: Is He Your Butler, Baker or Pharaoh ?

Is he your butler, Baker, or pharaoh

Happy Tuesday! So since we know that alot of women are going through relationship problems in their 20 sumthings we’ve decided to start a relationship series for the month of July. We hope that we will help you in some capacity while on your journey !! After recent events in my life I sat down […]

Relationships: He’s Just Not That Into You…

Relationships: He's Just Not That Into You...

LADIES! Have you ever found yourself wondering “Does he really like me?” or “Where is this going?” …. if your response is YES, then my answer to you is….. HE’S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU! Yeah. Yea. You’re now thinking that I have no clue of what I’m talking about, and that I don’t understand the situation.  […]

Beauty & Health: The secret world of booty shots!

I’m sure I am not the only person who has recognized the sudden epidemic of over sized booties! Although black women have always been known for their knock out curves… this new enhancement has not only caused a great deal of attention, but serious medical issues and unfortunately DEATH! Before the word got out, many […]

Health: Let’s Stay Cool This Summer!


I’m sure we can all agree that this summer heat has been more than uncomfortable! Keeping your hair and makeup fresh is important to say the least, but staying hydrated is even more vital….While trying to look cute and beat the heat all in one, here are a few tips to stay cool. Eat your […]