In the Rearview: Style – Best of 2012


Whewwww!! Ladies, It’s finalllly 2013! 2012 was one fabulous year, the hot styles & fierce trends of last year did not let us down! So, before we jump into the New Year’s trends, let’s stroll down memory lane and see what we’re viewing in the rearview  Style – Best of 2012.   YIKES! Spikes! These sharp […]

Stay or Go Away: The Peplum Trend

Stay or Go Away- The Peplum Trend

Savage here with another poll! This week we highlight the peplum trend that has been in short a huge trend to burst onto the scene in 2012. From Shirts and skirts to dresses, this figure flattering trend has been all the rage. I won’t lie at first I wasn’t feeling this trend very much , […]

Style: Fall 2012 Statement Jackets to Spice Up Any Outfit

Picture 42

The cold is finally here! I am summer born but I love the fall and winter months like none other. Why? Mainly because of jackets and layering. Upon doing my regular internet “window shopping”  I’ve been running across some fabulous uniquely adorned jackets that are sure to have heads turning this winter. So here they […]

Stay or Go Away: The Heel-less Shoe Trend

Stay or Go Away- The Heel-less Shoe Trend

While Que is busy getting her “Hot Nurse” dreams on , I’m here filling in for my homegirl. This week I decided to bring up a trend that I have a love hate relationship with. The Heel-less Shoe Trend. We’ve touched on this trend a couple of times in past blogs and it’s loved by […]

Style: Snapback Chic & Beanie Beauty – Hats For The Stylish Savage

Teyanna Taylor Rocksmith Beanie

From Teyana Taylor to Rihanna and reality T.V. personalities, hats have become a chic accessory for the trendy woman. If you’ve got the chance to be laid back in dress or if you want to Look Good On a Bad Day these hats can help inspire your inner “Downtown” girl look.     The urban snapback/beanie trend […]

Fab & Frugal: Fall 2012 Boots Lover Forecast

Fab & Frugal- Fall 2012 Boots Lover Forecast - Isabel Murant Fall 2011 Topshop Unique Fall 2012

Well ladies, the most wonderful time of the year is almost here!! No not Christmas! Although, the fall fashion season will make you feel like a kid in a toy store as you comb through online shops, malls and boutiques for the latest trends… The Fall,yes the season that affords the opportunity to dress your chicest […]

Hair Trends: Box Braids Are Back!


If you have read the most recent, “New Trends….Stay or Go Away!” Then you are aware of my interest in New Trends of the 2012! Though this style is obviously NOT NEW, it was an all time favorite back in the day. Since then they were hidden and termed, “Poetic Justice Braids” from Janet Jacksons major role in the movie. […]

Let’s Talk: 2012 New Trends… Stay or Go Away?!

Adrienne Bailon Leone Leather Headpiece

Dear Savages, Lately, I’ve noticed several 2012 NEW trends in the World of Fashion.  Some, obviously recycled while others were seen on reality shows and simply hit the streets viral… Though all styles are not my favs, I would like to share the variety of different trends with you… Include my thoughts on them, & most importantly receive your feedback on […]