Get Your Life: Tips & Tricks for Cleaning and Organizing Your Music Library -Spring Cleaning

…. Quite possibly the most annoying pop-up message from any piece of technology (aside from that 10% battery warning of course).

Being a hoarder is not ok; I mean have you seen the show on TLC?! The majority of us keep our house, room, desk, bathroom, and all of our daily spaces’ clean, strong emphasis on MOST. We continue to keep our place of residence up, but fail to tend to our most precious tools in the 21st century, our tech items. So of course here’s a quick guide to cleaning and organizing your music!

Nine times out of ten our hard drive is clogged up with the following items…, movies, or music. If your a music lover than the bulk of your space is taken up by the countless mp3 files sitting on your harddrive.

Now unless you willingly want Tiffany Evans’s “Promise Ring” popping up on your iTunes shuffle I suggest you take the following steps to tidy up your music library. Yes, this happened to me; Lord bless my 15-year-old soul.


What You’ll Need to

* External Harddrive
* Time (Yes T-I-M-E)


Let’s admit it, we all have a little hoarder gene in us. Maybe you’re the one to keep that piece of clothing that you just can’t let go. Or maybe your like me, music from back in the gap that just can not be removed from your computer. First, Take a nice stroll through your mp3 files and put everything you have not listened to in at least 2 or more years in a new folder. I’m naming mine “Thanks For The Memories.” Now don’t go pressing the “Delete” button just yet, nobody ever said we had to depart from these lovely tunes.

Second, take the rest of your mp3 files and create folders based on Artist names. Take the time to do this for every artist in your catolog even if you only have one song from them.

Last, transfer all of these newly created folder(s) onto your new External Harddrive. (TIP: Your external harddrive might prompt you to back up your entire computer, but I would recommend NOT taking that route. These external harddrives will run their own set program and rearrange all of your files into compressed folders making it hard to reach everything.) After all of the folders have transferred safely, unplug your external harddrive.

Now here comes the hard part……in the words of comedian, Billy Sorrells, “DELETE, DELETE, DELETE.” Time to get rid of those old, haven’t been played in three years song, or our “Thanks For the Memories” folder.


Now your computer is feeling like it has just had a mini gastric bypass. It is not only appreciative, but you might see a faster response time on its basic functions since you’ve cleared up some space.

One of my personal pet peeves is misplaced songs! It just absolutely kills my vibe when I pick an album to listen and with just my luck, it skips straight from track 2 to track 4. And of course track 3 is my favorite track on the album.

I’m sure the majority of us are using the auntie of media players, iTunes, to play our music and add it on to our devices (i.e. phone or mp3 payer) so lets go through a key action to get everything looking tidy on that space.

Make sure every song is labeled correctly with the correct album title and correct artist. If a song has guest features you MUST make sure those guests names are not in the Artist Name field. If it is, iTunes will not categorize the song with the rest of the main artists’ catalog.

  • Wrong…..

Song Name: Big Pimpin’
Artist: Jay Z Ft. UGK

  • Right….

Song Name: Big Pimpin’ ft. UGK
Artist: Jay Z

This is a quick fix that we can apply to our entire library that’ll make it easy to navigate the search tool.


I’m not going to lie, I’m a bit of a looser so this is one of my favorite pastimes. Having a playlist for each and every type of vibe is just lovely! Nobody, I mean not NAH one is touching my cleaning up playlist.

Whatever your preference in music may be, it is a good idea to group songs somewhat of the same genre and with the same base sound. Of course you have to throw one random song in the mix at times. For example, my cleaning up playlist I referred to earlier features mainly R&B chicks that I painfully blast my personal vocal skills along with, but then BAM! — out of nowhere, Z-Ro’s Mo City Don comes on and I just proceed to getting my life.

Various times where having a playlist is good include cleaning up, working out, chilling, getting ready for a night out on the time. I’m telling you, taking the time to cultivate these playlist with allow everything to go smoother and boost the overall mood during all of the said activities.

What are some of the things you guys currently do to make sure your music catalog stays tidy?