Sounds & Visuals: R. Kelly, Janelle Monae, & More at Coachella 2013

The new aged Woodstock, better know as Coachella took place a couple of weekends ago. While celebrities such as Solange, Adrienne Bailon, and Kelly Rowland roamed and mingled out in the open field in the middle of California, the stage was set ablaze by a list of newcomers and veterans alike. Since we we’re on a brief hiatus we had to circle back and spill the greatness that was Coachella 2013!

Sounds & Visuals- R. Kelly, Janelle Monae, & More at Coachella 2013

After some backlash and disappointment from the social media masses over the underwhelming lineup, Coachella performers were forced to bring their A-game to woo the crowd. Take a look at some of the top sounds and visuals I spotted on the web from the festival.


R. Kelly

I will forever stan out for a great R. Kelly performance! The Pied Piper took it back and performed some classics to the hipster crowd.

Janelle Monae

The beloved alien girl with the Covergirl beat face brought her all to the stage as she performed hits from her CD The Archandroid.

Wu Tang Clan

One of New York City’s most legendary crews came together to perform one of my personal favorites, C.R.E.A.M.

Any of our reader experience Coachella? Let us know how it was!

Feature image courtesy of billboard.com