Product Lust- Sea Breeze Astringent- The Stop Patting Your Itchy Weave Miracle

Product Lust: Sea Breeze Astringent- The Itchy Weave Scalp Relief Miracle

Itchy Itchy Ya Ya Ya! We’ve all sung this song before. And even if you’re not a weave wearer, a deep cleansing of  the scalp is something that we all could use from time to time! However, for my weave & braid wearers I  ask this simple question:  Have you ever experienced that itch that could not be cured by a comb, patting your head into a concussion, scratching your scalp or even by your favorite shampoo and conditioner? Or have you been on the search for a cleansing agent that doesn’t dry your scalp or ruin your style? This product that I’ve grown to adore may just be the answer to your itchy weave prayers!

Product Lust- Sea Breeze Astringent- The Stop Patting Your Itchy Weave Miracle


Sea Breeze Astringent  

Sea Breeze is a cleansing astringent formula used to remove trapped dirt, oil, and makeup from your skin. It gives a tingling sensation when applied to allow you to know the product is working, while penetrating deep into the scalp and cleansing your skin.

Reasons I ADORE this product

  • the tingling sensation is so therapeutic, especially after itching
  • great smell
  • inexpensive price
  • leaves no residue or buildup
  • It can always be used for it’s original purpose, which is facial cleansing

How To Use :

  1. Simply, pull up the hair (weave or braids) into a high bun; or section the hair into medium sized plats, so that the hair doesn’t get wet .
  2. Hold your head over the sink/ wash bowl.
  3. Pour the Sea Breeze from the back of the hairline and allow it to run into the front and into the sink. Or use a q-tip to apply the sea breeze to the scalp.
  4. Repeat Step 3 until your confident that your scalp is clean, (I usually do it twice).
  5. Allow scalp to air dry

I hope this product review helps you with your itchy, irritating scalp.  This product can be found at you favorite  local drug store, WalMart, or Target in the facial aisle.  If your a big online shopper here’s a link to purchase it on! If your scalp is unrelieved with continued itching, pain, or even bleeding….I encourage you to visit your physician due to your condition .

What do you use to combat your itchy scalp? let us know if you’ve tried this method and how this product helped you!