The Post-Grad Life- Relationships

The Post-Grad Life: Relationships

Graduation! This point in your life might just be the greatest time…ever. The feeling of accomplishment that overcomes  you when receiving your degree is indescribable. On top of that, there is a newfound freedom that is felt once you realize that  you are so that much closer to actualizing your dreams. While in the midst of such a great time, reality hits and certain situations shift. One of those  certain situations I’m talking about is (drumroll) relationships. Many times relationships that flourished during college years abruptly end not too long after graduation takes place.  Great news, it doesn’t always have to end after you walk across the stage. Check out the indicators , warnings, and factors to see if you can avoid coming to the “end of the road” with your collegiate romance.


This might be the most common reasoning for many relationship failures post graduation. What was once the least of your worries, becomes the biggest obstacle. You went from seeing this person daily, to Skype and Facetime becoming the only way to see the face of someone that means so much to you. Being away from someone special for so long leads to doubt and suspicions of infidelity.

It doesn’t have to be like this though. Distance can be a good thing. While it is a serious test, if passed, it can strengthen a relationship. It also leads to the opportunity to do new things. What used to be mundane dates, now are exclusive cherished moments; and not to mention that planned vacations and “getaways” can be taken to catch up and spend time with your significant other.

Conflicting Life Paths & Goals

Another thing that can destroy a relationship after graduation is that both parties are on two diverging roads. While your goals and future plans were probably already discussed before, it may not have sunk in until your post-grad reality hit. Two people going on to live two hectic, time consuming lives might not be the best thing . Sometimes it’s not the distance, but it is one’s aspirations , goals, future plans that drive a wedge in the realatonship.

A way to make sure this doesn’t happen is communication. It sounds so simple but it is truly the best solution to avoid heartbreak.  Plan to have that “after graduation talk” to reiterate your  goals. It can’t hurt to make sure that you and your partner are on the same page. I know that everything cannot be mapped out, but a basic layout of what is desired from both parties can prevent a complicated breakup.


Relish in your accomplishments!  Major things are happening and your future is starting to shape up, embrace the post-grad life . A relationship does not have to be a victim of this hectic and most times unsure phase, it can benefit.


What are your views on having a successful relationship post-graduation? I’d love to get insight on your beliefs, read your advice, and have it shared with someone who may need it. Leave a comment below!