King Without A Crown?- Kendrick Lamar Rapper of the Year & It Wasn't Even Close

King Without A Crown?: Kendrick Lamar Rapper of the Year & It Wasn’t Even Close

It has indeed been a successful year for hip-hop music. From A$AP Rocky starting the year off with a chart topping album, to the summer of hip-hop that saw releases from Jay Z, Kanye West, J. Cole, & Mac Miller; and to both Drake and Eminem’s platinum selling efforts. It is clear that it’s been […]

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Weave Files: Undetectable Wigs – A Hidden Treasure Revealed

Now I know the term WIG is something that we alllll would have frowned upon a few years ago! Wigs have always been something that were worn by necessity instead of style…but my my my have times changed! Before this New Age Wig Era, wigs were typically short, with tight curls, and tangled! LOL! I […]

The Savage Digest- 073113

The Savage Digest: Just Say NO to Celebrity Beauty Brands, Why 2 Chainz specifically used Dark Skin girls in “Feds Watching”, & Can exercising alter genes?

Beauty -{HuffPost} If I had a dime for every celebrity that dropped a beauty product we’d all be rich. The Huffington Post says what  all beauty gurus have been thinking. To put it plainly, celebrity beauty products suck for the amount of money they’re asking you for them. Attach a name like RiRi to an already […]

Black Skinhead - Sounds & Visuals

Sounds & Visuals: “Black Skinhead” – Kayne West (interactive video)

Cues Jay Z’s Guess Who’s Back Hello Savagely Yours! It feels great to be back. Yeah this may be kind of late but hey! Lets get straight to it. One of my personal favorites, Kanye West, sure has a full plate these days. When he’s not in the studio making hot fire such as Yeezus, […]

Shoegasm- Jennifer Lopez in Tom Ford Padlock Ankle Strap Pumps

Shoegasm: Jennifer Lopez in Tom Ford Padlock Ankle Strap Pumps

JLo is a boss. There’s no country for anyone denying her that title. While attending the opening of her flagship store for Viva Movil by Jennifer Lopez , Jenny glowed in angelic opulence! Let’s get into her look for a quick sec…   Yas Jenny give me purity! I am oozing over her Tom Ford Padlock […]


Product Review: Macadamia Natural Oil Hair Products

I know that I am lonnnnng over due for a PRODUCT REVIEW, but this one is sure worth the wait! As you all know I have been on a healthy hair journey of sorts. I have left #teamsewin and turned to wigs. I have also incorporated a more consistent hair regimen.  All of these efforts […]

Hair Crush- Rihanna's New Gray Hair Color

Hair Crush: Rihanna’s New Gray Hair Color

While leaving her London hotel our favorite good girl gone b.a.d. showed off her new hair color . The popnb princess strutted her stuff, looking nothing less than perfect in the streets on London with her new hair hue. I have to say … after seeing so much blonde and brown from a woman who […]

Color Crush- Kerry Washington's Black and White Mani At the Peeples Premier

Color Crush: Kerry Washington’s Black and White Mani At the “Peeples” Premier

Although premiering over a month ago, I came across a stunning close up of featured actress Kerry Washington’s manicure for the evening and fell completely in love! Kerry Washington’s black and white mani is a true gem. In a time where nail art has become a huge trend and you can see some of the most innovative […]