King Without A Crown?- Kendrick Lamar Rapper of the Year & It Wasn't Even Close

King Without A Crown?: Kendrick Lamar Rapper of the Year & It Wasn’t Even Close

It has indeed been a successful year for hip-hop music. From A$AP Rocky starting the year off with a chart topping album, to the summer of hip-hop that saw releases from Jay Z, Kanye West, J. Cole, & Mac Miller; and to both Drake and Eminem’s platinum selling efforts. It is clear that it’s been […]

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Product Review: Kiss Gel Polish Starter System

HEYYYYYY SAVAGES!  Hope all is well with you all! If you haven’t noticed already, I’ve been in my ‘Product Junky’ mood. If your a girly girl like myself, then you enjoy a fresh mani and pedi on a regular right? But man getting those often definitely add up ?! Luckily, I’ve found the NEW “Kiss […]

Relationships- Reasons Why Men & Women Don't Commit - Featuring The Silent Savage

Relationships: Reasons Why Men & Women Don’t Commit #SYCommit – Featuring The Silent Savage

Why Women Don’t Commit Let’s be honest or “lez-be-an-est” however you want to read it , 80% of women are more open to commitment than men. That’s just my opinion. It isn’t a scientific fact, but hey those are my thoughts on the matter.  I can start by saying that I don’t have the most […]

Food For Thought- Is Rap Ruining Our Lives-Part 2- Rap & Relationships

Food For Thought: Is Rap Ruining Our Lives? ( Part 2: Rap & Relationships)

Continuing in our  ”Is Rap Ruining Our Lives” series … today we tackle Rap and Relationships! Whew, this like stated in our post previously is by no means a scientific proven effect from listening to rap music; but more my personal opinion.  Agree with it or not , I’d love to read your thoughts so […]

The Savage Digest- Get the lowdown on Acne Scarring, Will You Buy A 'Beast Jesus' Tee?, and The 12 Best Food For Your Diet

The Savage Digest: Get the lowdown on Acne Scarring, Will You Buy A ‘Beast Jesus’ Tee?, and The 12 Best Foods For Your Diet

Beauty -{HuffPost} Acne Scars 101. Educate yourself on the dreaded hyper-pigmentation. The Huffington Posts gives the do’s/don’ts and separates myth from fact  in a recent post. The article also gives tips on how to lessen your chances to receive post acne marks/scars. We’re here for it! - {Refinery29}  There’s a CVS around the corner and you’re in NEED […]

Kendrick Lamar - Side

Culture: King Kendrick Lamar – Opinions from Mr.Savage

Unless you have been living under a rock or exiled from social media for the past 12+ hours you know that Kendrick Lamar has put the Internet and the music community in a frenzy. Last night Big Sean leaked a song that did not quite make it to his upcoming album, Hall of Fame, due […]

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Food For Thought: Is Rap Ruining Our Lives (Part 1: Rap & Materialism)

Come on baby, light my fire/ Everything you drop is so tired/ Music is supposed to inspire/ How come we ain’t getting no higher? In the immortal words of Lauryn we begin our Food For Thought Series “Is Rap Ruining Our Lives?” . By no means are we actually saying rap IS ruining lives , but rather posing […]

Relationships- 4 Fun Summer Date Ideas

Relationships: 4 Fun Summer Date Ideas ( for your man specifically )

Take your man out!  Most men will admit that they want to be treated like kings, yes. …. While courting/dating  it’s important to show him how into him you are too. What better way to do that than a date? Pick him up , take him out, pay for it. Simple. Don’t take my […]