King Without A Crown?- Kendrick Lamar Rapper of the Year & It Wasn't Even Close

King Without A Crown?: Kendrick Lamar Rapper of the Year & It Wasn’t Even Close

It has indeed been a successful year for hip-hop music. From A$AP Rocky starting the year off with a chart topping album, to the summer of hip-hop that saw releases from Jay Z, Kanye West, J. Cole, & Mac Miller; and to both Drake and Eminem’s platinum selling efforts. It is clear that it’s been […]

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Join us! : 60 Day Ab Challenge

It’s that time of year!  The new year , new me posts are sure to be flooding a social media site near you soon. A couple of my friends and I have had an amazing year in the realm of health. We’re going into 2014 expecting nothing less than chiseled bodies! I’ve always expressed how […]

You Haven't Bought NATHAN- The 2013 Girlfriend:Boyfriend or Whatever Quick Gift Guide

You Haven’t Bought NATHAN- The 2013 Girlfriend/Boyfriend ( or Whatever) Quick Gift Guide

Tis the damn season to run those pockets! Yes, prepare your minds (and maybe your wallets) to adorn your  significant other with gifts that will let them know how you  appreciate them. If you are in panic mode ( which you should because Christmas is nearly , tomorrow ) without a clue as to what […]

Erase Debt - Green Button

Finances:Get On Yo ISH! – Four Steps to Ridding Yourself of Debt

Following up from our last frugal post…. Four Steps to Ridding Yourself of  Debt: Figure out how much debt you have.  Decide what to pay off first. (There are two strategies that are recommended to paying off debt.) Pay the minimum on all debt, but pay more money towards bill with highest APR (interest rate). Most credit cards have an […]


You Are “Knot” It : How To Deal With Single Strand Knots

One of the most annoying things to ever happen to a natural (one who has natural hair ), SINGLE STRAND KNOTS. Once frustration kicks in, you will feel the need to pull your hair out one strand at a time while singing,”My hair loves me. My hair loves me not. My hair loves me. My […]


YOU AIN’T GOT THE ANSWERS!: Is Kanye West Right or Nah?

In case you’ve missed it, Kanye West has released his self-inflicted gag order with the media since the release of his sixth studio album, Yeezus. Between the interviews and tours, West has made it VERY clear where he stands with the fashion industry big dogs, and  I can’t say I’m completely mad at him. West […]

It Doesn't Have to Break The Bank - 4 Budget Friendly Winter Date Ideas

It Doesn’t Have to Break The Bank : 4 Budget Friendly Winter Date Ideas

We all know how draining the holidays can be to our pockets. It seems Christmas keeps getting more expensive the older we get!  But that doesn’t mean that you can’t treat your mate to a quality date though ( trust me I reformatted this sentence 4x’s trying not to sound cheesy. Didn’t work) ! If you’re looking […]

Face So Soft They Can't Keep Their Hands Off- Clarisonic Sonic Skin Cleansing System Review

Face So Soft, Can’t Keep Their Hands Off: Clarisonic Skin Cleansing System Review

Now y’all should be pretty convinced by now, that I ,Que-N-A, am indeed a product junky! I’ve accepted it; But on a more positive note you reap the great benefits of knowing what’s Hot and what’s Not. For FREE! So let’s get into this Clarisonic Skin Cleansing System Review :       If you read […]