King Without A Crown?- Kendrick Lamar Rapper of the Year & It Wasn't Even Close

King Without A Crown?: Kendrick Lamar Rapper of the Year & It Wasn’t Even Close

It has indeed been a successful year for hip-hop music. From A$AP Rocky starting the year off with a chart topping album, to the summer of hip-hop that saw releases from Jay Z, Kanye West, J. Cole, & Mac Miller; and to both Drake and Eminem’s platinum selling efforts. It is clear that it’s been […]

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From The Desk Of MrSavage- Who is a Real Nigga

From The Desk Of Mr.Savage: Who is a Real Nigga?

“You like to mistake a Street Nigga for Real Nigga. The same nigga that kill with ya, will squeal with ya.” – Kendrick Lamar; “Poe Man’s Dreams (His Vice)”, Section 80 You ever heard a line of a song and thought to yourself, “This is what I’ve been trying to say,” or “That is the […]

Adrienne Bailon Eyelash Extensions The X Factor Finalists Party

Fierce Fridays: Slay with Eyelash Extensions – A Quick Eyelash Guide

Let’s get real, in the world of celebrity glam just about everyone wears Eyelash Extensions . Wether they be strips, individuals, Mink, or 100% Human Hair you can achieve a fierce look to add an extra bit of savage to your weekend, daily look, or special occasion.   If you want to be Flirty or seductively […]

Food For Thought- Sex & Spirituality - Views On The @EssenceMag Single, Sexy & Saved Article

Food For Thought: Sex & Spirituality – Views On The @EssenceMag “Single, Sexy & Saved” Article

(I apologize in advanced for the length , but it had to be talked about) Um yes. You read that title correctly. I was recently drawn to this article written by Charreah K. Jackson in the March 2013 edition of Essence Magazine by a small but noticeable title on the cover that read “Yes, You […]


Product Review: Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté Lipstick – Forbidden Burgundy #12

First off, I’m so excited about writing my FIRST Product Review, & It’s even more fulfilling to be able to share it with you all. I confess, I’ve became more of a lipstick wearer. Yes, I was once the person that Ashely talked about in her “Great Lipsticks For Any Skin Tone, At Any Budget“ […]

Color Crush- Kate Spade Fall 2013 Nails - New York Fashion Week Mani Inspiration

Color Crush: Kate Spade Fall 2013 Nails “Luxe Pyramid Pink” – NY Fashion Week Mani Inspiration

Happy Thursday Savages!  We’re getting Savagely Your ALL THE WAY together and bringing you better posts, bigger things, and essentials to live a savage life as we enter into Spring 2013. This week we crush on a manicure from New York Fashion Week! Specifically the pretty in pink talon shaped Kate Spade Fall 2013 Nails dubbed […]


Luxe Life: Get your Life and Get a Vision Board!

It’s a New Year! It’s a New Year! Yes I know your probably getting tired of the New Year References, but hey we here at SY are just trying to get you RIGHT! Soooo this past week I created my First VISION BOARD….Yasssss! Now we’re urging you get your life… and get a vision board!   […]

Weave Files- Rihanna Half Shave Inspired Weave

Weave Files: Rihanna Half Shaved Inspired Quick Weave/Sew-In (Video Included)

So I got tired of my 22″ inches and decided it was time to cut it all off! NOT MY hair of course, but to go to a very cute and short pixie style. I was overcome with chills and almost broke into a cold sweat when I actually thought about not having hair at […]