drake-Started From The Bottom

Music Mondays: What We’re Jamming – Started From The Bottom, Enough, & Pusher Lover Girl (New Music 2013)

Happy Monday! We’re sure you all are ever so eager to be at work or school the day after the Beyonce SuperBowl. Check out what we are bumping in our speakers this week! 2013, you’ve yet to let us down with the jams!

Started From The Bottom by Drake

Drizzy Drake dropped this celebratory single off last week just to remind us that he’s working on new art. It’s a sh*t talking, we’ve made it type track. I love it, motivational to say the least. OVO is ready to take over again and so are we.

Enough by Tweet

First of all, can we dwell on the fact that Miss Oops Over My Head has returned? Tweet surely snuck up on me with this one. She’s bringing it back to the classic R&B feel, that seems ever so absent nowadays, with her new single “Enough.”

[Unofficial] Pusher Lover Girl by Justin Timberlake


Two weeks ago Justin Timberlake dropped off the official single to his new album, “Suit & Tie” and now during a SuperBowl party he decided to bless us with more of his new music. Can I just stan out over this live band and falsetto that JT is giving me? While this is only a live performance and quality isn’t all that I just could not leave it off the list! CHANNEL THAT INNER PRINCE, JT!