Last Call-The Savagely Yours Mixtape: Spinning wit & intellect at the same d*mn time (Live)

The countdown begins! On March 31st 9:30p est /8:30p c we’ll be celebrating a risen savior AND the rising star we call Savagely Yours. We’re going to kick off our first episode of Last Call-The Savagely Yours Mixtape with a bang and we want you to be there to help us!



Now just what is this “Mixtape” and why in the heck should you tune in? Before we explain anything let it be known that this is NOT your average mixtape. No we won’t be spitting bars , no we wont be mixing records, but YES there will be rapping. Not rhyming- rapping silly….but we will be rapping up each month’s hottest moments in Beauty, Culture, Style & Health. You know, spinning with & intellect at the same d*mn time LIVE.

We’re inviting you to get in on the conversation and pour up a virtual glass with us as we spill it! We’ll be taking questions, reading comments, and tweeting live during the monthly event under the hashtag #SavageSundays. We’ll also be reading memos from Mr.Savage , sharing our personal experiences from the month, uplifting,spilling the tea, recapping our favorite posts , and so much more that we can’t get into right now; But you’ll definitely want to tune in. You never know what you might hear or who you might hear ….



Here’s your official save the date! March 31st at 9:30pm est/ 8:30 c. We’ll be broadcasting every last Sunday at the same time afterwards so grab your glass and  tune in by phone, tablet, computer or whatever mobile device you’re using by visiting the SY site. Also  Follow @SavagelyYours_  to catch updates as they come. See you there!