Get Your Life: Tips & Tricks for Cleaning Out Your Makeup Bag – Spring Cleaning 2013

It’s that lovely time of year where everyone should be getting their life! And by that we mean cleaning, organizing,and everything associated with the likes. Today’s focus is your makeup bag. Just like the food in your pantry make-up products have an expiration date. If you haven’t done inventory of your current lipsticks, foundations, eyeliners ect , then you could just as well be smearing bacteria and other unwanted growths on your face. So get your life and get your pen as we get into a quick guide with some helpful tips & tricks for cleaning out your makeup bag!

Get Your Life: Tips & Tricks for Cleaning Out Your Makeup Bag - Sanitize Makeup

Sanitize Your Makeup

Lipstick: Using a q-tip , gently rub off the top layer of color from the lipstick.Afterwards pour about a third of cup of alcohol into an appropriate sized dish and submerge the stick for 20-30 seconds.

Pencils (any type) : Shave off a layer using a pencil sharpener (if retractable skip) and submerge in alcohol for 20-30 seconds.

Foundation, Bronzer, Blush , & Other pressed powder based products: Scrape off a thin layer off the top using a butter knife.

Mascara: Tightly close the mascara tube and freeze it overnight, which will kill the germs.

Brush Detox

You should be cleaning your brushes once a week and there are a plethora of options to choose from when it’s time to do so. Depending on the money in your pocket as well as the quality of your brushes, here are a few ways to make sure that bacteria doesn’t spread via your makeup brushes.

Baby Shampoo/Anti Bacterial Soap/Brush Shampoo: : Pre-rinse your brushes with lukewarm water. Be sure to rinse & wash with bristles down so that water does not get into the place where the handle meets the bristles; this will ensure that the glue doesn’t wear. Using your preferred method pour a dime size amount into the palm of your hand and dip the brush in, using your hand to work up a lather. Wash & rinse until the water runs clear.

Vinegar & Dish Washing Liquid : Using a pyrex measuring cup or something of the sorts create a mixture of 1 teaspoon dishwashing liquid , 1 teaspoon of vinegar, and 1 cup of hot water . Swirl brushes around in the mixture for 10-30 secs depending on the amount of product on each brush and rinse until water runs clear.


My personal Makeup Box(es) that will be going under construction this month!

Throw It Out!

Normally makeup products boast anti bacterial formulas but studies have shown that they become ineffective in fighting bacteria after a year. So if you’ve had it for a year throw it out (this may hurt, I know)! Also pay attention to the expiration dates on the products that you buy. For general purposes here are the shelf lives for common products

  • Mascara: 2-3 Months
  • Foundation: 6-12 months ( A good guide is to change foundations for Fall and for Spring)
  • Lipstick: 2 years
  • Lipgloss: 12 months
  • Eyeshadow: 4-6 months or up to 2 years with religious sanitation ( see powder based method & brush cleaning above)
  • Liquid Eyeliner: 3-4 Months ( if you’ve gotten an eye infection or recently had a cold it’s best to toss and start fresh)


Yass! Now that you have mastered the Get Your Life- Cleaning Out Your Makeup Bag spring cleaning guide go forth and conquer. Cut down on your acne breakouts, health ailments, and more by using these simple tips & tricks! Stay tuned for more of our “Get Your Life” series as we tackle every angle of the savage life.