Get Your Life- Spring Cleaning for Your Phonebook (and Your Life) - Slide & Delete

Get Your Life: Spring Cleaning for Your Phonebook/Life – Slide And Delete

It is spring time! And as we’ve said before, its time to start cleaning unnecessary clutter out of your life. One thing that goes unnoticed and untouched during our spring cleaning sabbaticals is the necessary evil,  cell lives phones.  So why don’t we just dive right on into “Spring Cleaning for Your Phonebook (and Your Life)”




Every time you think of cleaning numbers out of your phone  a still small voice reminds you  that you never know whom you might need to talk to later. Let’s FACE  it, some of the space in your phone is being wasted and Mr. Savage is here to help with 3 tips that could free up a gang of space on your phone and possibly clean our the closet of your life.



1. No More “Seasonal” Boo

This is the category for all those people whose main purpose in your phone was for the colder months. Yes, those colder months I am referring to are known as…. Cuffing Season. If you are the type that explores your options when it warms up,  then this fits you perfectly. If there is no future evident, then why waste energy,space, and time? right. slide and delete . There’s nothing further here… moving on



2. Zero Progression

This is for the person that you have had in your phone for a fair amount of time with the intentions of experiencing a “budding” relationship of some sort. To your dismay everything is stagnant. With as much time and effort put in it is apparent that the progress you are seeking is not going to happen. Unless this person is someone that you absolutely CANNOT lose, delete him or her out of the phone. slide and delete. NEXT……


3. No Conversation

What’s the point of them having a spot in your phone if  no contact is made for 3 months at a time. If you haven’t called, texted, tweeted, facebooked, emailed, liked a photo on instagram… you all get the picture, there really is no need for them to be in your phone book. (for networking purposes ONLY if this person has some value it’s okay to keep them; Oh and btw theses are people who are actually DOING something with their business endeavors)

This is not a guideline, more like suggestions from Mr. Savage, so of course there are exceptions to each of these rules. If you know of any more suggestions or of any exceptions feel free to comment below.