Savage Life: What A Year- The Midweek Meltdown

Ah! Been a minute since I’ve done one of these. In fact, it’s been almost a year to date. At any rate let me go right along and just jump into these thoughts of mine. Around this time last year, I received a phone call that would change everything. It was the call that jumpstarted […]

It Doesn’t Have to Break The Bank : 4 Budget Friendly Winter Date Ideas

It Doesn't Have to Break The Bank - 4 Budget Friendly Winter Date Ideas

We all know how draining the holidays can be to our pockets. It seems Christmas keeps getting more expensive the older we get!  But that doesn’t mean that you can’t treat your mate to a quality date though ( trust me I reformatted this sentence 4x’s trying not to sound cheesy. Didn’t work) ! If you’re looking […]

Savage Life: Stop and Smell The Roses – The Midweek Meltdown


So as Savagely Yours has been on hiatus, my life has been a whirlwind of events! Not bad, all good I might add; But I feel inclined to share with you what I’ve been learning on the journey of mastering the virtue of Patience. Stop and Smell the Roses People have been saying this quote […]

#SavageSundays: Last Call – The Savagely Yours Mixtape , Episode 1 (Recap & Video)

#SavageSundays- Last Call - The Savagely Yours Mixtape , Episode 1 Recap & Video

Yes! So we debuted our #SavageSundays broadcast on yesterday and it was more than we could have asked for. We would like to thank each and every person who tuned in , even if it was just for 2 minutes. Our numbers were more than expected and we’re defintely coming stronger for episode 2!   […]

Savage Life: The Life of a Savage… Focusing On “Relax, Don’t Worry” – The Midweek Meltdown

Picture 2

Dear Savages….Scratch that, I’m reporting live from “He may not come when you want Him”-ville. As I’ve let the world know in my past midweek meltdowns, the job hunt struggle is real; And not for the faint at faith or heart. Today’s post is a sorts of praise report/encouraging word to anyone out there who […]

Beauty: 5 Makeup Brushes That Should Be In Your Beautie Bag – On MyBeautie

Picture 16

Hey Savages, Happy Thursday! I was recently afforded the opportunity to contribute to the lovely UK based Beauty Network called MyBeautie. You can catch my articles on there every other week and aside from contributing as a blogger , I can recommend their active community to ANY beauty lover. Check out this snippet from the article […]

Weave Files: Lace Closure Install- Pics,Tricks, & Tips

Lace Closure Install- Pics,Tricks, & Tips-Install With and Without Concealer

Hey Savages! I know I’ve been promising this for the longest, even teasing instagram with pictures of the progress. I finally got around to putting together the post , so here it is a lace closure 101… from the savage perspective.     I was put on to lace closure via the lovely hairnistas of […]

Savage Life: Count It All Joy- The Midweek Meltdown


This post is me making light of totally embarrassing myself on twitter. Thanks to the homies (not really ) ( Black Ops – deemed by themselves) . I found myself laughing at myself…. I couldn’t even get mad nor pondered the thought of doing so, because it’s all love. This Wednesday if you’re feeling down or […]

Savage Life: Be Encouraged, Keep The Faith- The midweek meltdown


It’s not often that I’ll write super personal posts on Savagely Yours but this week has been a discouraging one and has intern affected my writing, so to aid in moving this writing block, I’m writing. Let me first start out by saying that as of Wednesday Septemeber 26 at 6:50 a.m. I am officially […]

Luxe Life: We’re Covering Fashion’s Night Out 2012 New York City & Atlanta!


Yes! Savagely Yours will be covering Fashion’s Night Out 2012 in both New York City and Atlanta!!!  With the help and suggestion from a very good friend of mine , Krystal, We’ve decided to go ahead and give you savages a walk through FNO -in a savagely manner,of course.  We’ll be hitting some of the […]

Savage Life: My Beauty Essentials


Every girl has things that they couldn’t do without and in addition to my Macbook pro there are 5 beauty products that if they stopped production I would shrivel up surely! so I’ll just get right into it… 1. Cherry Carmex Moisturizing Lip Balm Carmex has saved many of lips and has been one of […]

Savage Life: 5 DIYs To Do Before the Summer Ends

DIY Bracelet Tutorial

Hey dolls, Happy 4th! It’s the savage here and  as my repeat readers know, I saturate this blog with pinterest daily!  It’s only right that I include some of my DIY’s that I have been wanting to try since I’ve started collecting them on my boards. I started off the summer with some DIY highwaist […]

Savage Life: D.I.Y Vintage Highwaisted Distressed Jean Shorts


Whoop! So a few weeks ago I posted a photo to instagram of some vintage Fendi jeans I purchased from a thrift store. These jeans are fabulous!! Before I began ripping and tearing away at this great find I decided to purchase two trial jeans to practice on before attempting at the Fendi. For my first […]