What up savage folk, Been a minute since I dropped a tidbit of this wealthy knowledge on you all so I decided to give you guys a little information on 401k investing and why it is so very important to achieving a wealthy lifestyle. Let’s just say after 4+ years of slaving the system we […]

Savage Life: What A Year- The Midweek Meltdown

Ah! Been a minute since I’ve done one of these. In fact, it’s been almost a year to date. At any rate let me go right along and just jump into these thoughts of mine. Around this time last year, I received a phone call that would change everything. It was the call that jumpstarted […]

52 Week Money Challenge


New year, frugal you? Here’s a really simple savings plan that anyone can do and end up with about $1400 saved by the end of the year. It starts with saving $1 the first week,  $2 the second, and $3 the third…etc. Whether you’re working on reducing your debt, saving for a vacation,  or want to pump […]

You Haven’t Bought NATHAN- The 2013 Girlfriend/Boyfriend ( or Whatever) Quick Gift Guide

You Haven't Bought NATHAN- The 2013 Girlfriend:Boyfriend or Whatever Quick Gift Guide

Tis the damn season to run those pockets! Yes, prepare your minds (and maybe your wallets) to adorn your  significant other with gifts that will let them know how you  appreciate them. If you are in panic mode ( which you should because Christmas is nearly , tomorrow ) without a clue as to what […]

Finances:Get On Yo ISH! – Four Steps to Ridding Yourself of Debt

Erase Debt - Green Button

Following up from our last frugal post…. Four Steps to Ridding Yourself of  Debt: Figure out how much debt you have.  Decide what to pay off first. (There are two strategies that are recommended to paying off debt.) Pay the minimum on all debt, but pay more money towards bill with highest APR (interest rate). Most credit cards have an […]

It Doesn’t Have to Break The Bank : 4 Budget Friendly Winter Date Ideas

It Doesn't Have to Break The Bank - 4 Budget Friendly Winter Date Ideas

We all know how draining the holidays can be to our pockets. It seems Christmas keeps getting more expensive the older we get!  But that doesn’t mean that you can’t treat your mate to a quality date though ( trust me I reformatted this sentence 4x’s trying not to sound cheesy. Didn’t work) ! If you’re looking […]

Finances: Oh So You Owe Big Faced Hundreds?- An in depth analyzation of debt

Finances- Oh So You Owe Big Faced Hundreds?- An in depth analyzation of debt

First off, I just want to say that if you do not have any debt let me give you a round of applause.I myself was fortunate enough to finish undergrad without any loans or debt thanks to scholarships and another program in Louisiana called TOPS. (Well, except for my car, which I’m trying to pay […]

You’re Married? K : The ex, why, and tea on the state of matrimony


The relaunch of SavagelyYours means so much to me! It’s almost as if I’ve gotten my baby back…. well, one of many babies that is!  Speaking the term “baby,” the word MARRIAGE has been the word for the year 2013! I’m sure you share my sentiments when I say, “This has been the year of […]

Baby, It’s Cold! : How To Cope With Curves


This is the relaunch of Savagely Yours, where we’ve committed to give you life- as WE know it. So yes, I went there. Curving, like most fads, is an old concept made fresh with new terminology. What exactly is curving?  Curving could be a number of things like ignoring, subtle disregards, and of course, harsh […]

Health Diary: My 7 Day Detox Experience


If you have read some of my other health posts such as, “Health: Tips & Tricks to Quick Healthy Weight Loss” You have endured my interest in living a healthy lifestyle and my obsession with being “swim suit ready” at all times!  So of course the idea of living a healthy lifestyle led me to […]

True Life: I’m Obsessed with Weave! What’s your Beauty Obsession?


  Hair, Hair, and More Hair Weave, Bundles, Tracks, extensions…whatever your pet name is. We have ALL worn a piece of false hair some point in our lives (and if you haven’t you’ve considered it… we SEE you)! For some reason my fondness for hair has grown into an absolute LOVE AFFAIR! Savages, I cannot […]

The Post-Grad Life: Relationships

The Post-Grad Life- Relationships

Graduation! This point in your life might just be the greatest time…ever. The feeling of accomplishment that overcomes  you when receiving your degree is indescribable. On top of that, there is a newfound freedom that is felt once you realize that  you are so that much closer to actualizing your dreams. While in the midst of such a great […]

Get Your Life: Spring Cleaning for Your Phonebook/Life – Slide And Delete

Get Your Life- Spring Cleaning for Your Phonebook (and Your Life) - Slide & Delete

It is spring time! And as we’ve said before, its time to start cleaning unnecessary clutter out of your life. One thing that goes unnoticed and untouched during our spring cleaning sabbaticals is the necessary evil,  cell lives phones.  So why don’t we just dive right on into “Spring Cleaning for Your Phonebook (and Your Life)”       […]

Savage Life: Stop and Smell The Roses – The Midweek Meltdown


So as Savagely Yours has been on hiatus, my life has been a whirlwind of events! Not bad, all good I might add; But I feel inclined to share with you what I’ve been learning on the journey of mastering the virtue of Patience. Stop and Smell the Roses People have been saying this quote […]

#SavageSundays: Last Call – The Savagely Yours Mixtape , Episode 1 (Recap & Video)

#SavageSundays- Last Call - The Savagely Yours Mixtape , Episode 1 Recap & Video

Yes! So we debuted our #SavageSundays broadcast on yesterday and it was more than we could have asked for. We would like to thank each and every person who tuned in , even if it was just for 2 minutes. Our numbers were more than expected and we’re defintely coming stronger for episode 2!   […]

Last Call-The Savagely Yours Mixtape: Episode 1- #SavageSundays LIVE Stream


It’s that time!!! We’ll begin broadcasting at 8:30 p.m. central/ 9:30p.m eastern. You can tune in and turn up with our live stream below. Now just what is this “Mixtape” and why in the heck should you tune in? Before we explain anything let it be known that this is NOT your average mixtape. No we […]

From the Desk of Mr. Savage: Answering Your Questions


It seems that men and women are on two completely different frequencies when it comes to numerous things ( yeah , Duh I know). Here at Savagely Yours, we decided that it would be good for me, Mr. Savage, to answer whatever questions you have from my POV ( point of view). Every month I […]

Get Your Life: Tips & Tricks for Cleaning Out Your Makeup Bag – Spring Cleaning 2013


It’s that lovely time of year where everyone should be getting their life! And by that we mean cleaning, organizing,and everything associated with the likes. Today’s focus is your makeup bag. Just like the food in your pantry make-up products have an expiration date. If you haven’t done inventory of your current lipsticks, foundations, eyeliners […]

Last Call-The Savagely Yours Mixtape: Spinning wit & intellect at the same d*mn time (Live)


The countdown begins! On March 31st 9:30p est /8:30p c we’ll be celebrating a risen savior AND the rising star we call Savagely Yours. We’re going to kick off our first episode of Last Call-The Savagely Yours Mixtape with a bang and we want you to be there to help us!   Now just what […]

From The Desk Of Mr.Savage: Who is a Real Nigga?

From The Desk Of MrSavage- Who is a Real Nigga

“You like to mistake a Street Nigga for Real Nigga. The same nigga that kill with ya, will squeal with ya.” – Kendrick Lamar; “Poe Man’s Dreams (His Vice)”, Section 80 You ever heard a line of a song and thought to yourself, “This is what I’ve been trying to say,” or “That is the […]

Food For Thought: Sex & Spirituality – Views On The @EssenceMag “Single, Sexy & Saved” Article

Food For Thought- Sex & Spirituality - Views On The @EssenceMag Single, Sexy & Saved Article

(I apologize in advanced for the length , but it had to be talked about) Um yes. You read that title correctly. I was recently drawn to this article written by Charreah K. Jackson in the March 2013 edition of Essence Magazine by a small but noticeable title on the cover that read “Yes, You […]

Luxe Life: Get your Life and Get a Vision Board!


It’s a New Year! It’s a New Year! Yes I know your probably getting tired of the New Year References, but hey we here at SY are just trying to get you RIGHT! Soooo this past week I created my First VISION BOARD….Yasssss! Now we’re urging you get your life… and get a vision board!   […]

Savage Life: The Life of a Savage… Focusing On “Relax, Don’t Worry” – The Midweek Meltdown

Picture 2

Dear Savages….Scratch that, I’m reporting live from “He may not come when you want Him”-ville. As I’ve let the world know in my past midweek meltdowns, the job hunt struggle is real; And not for the faint at faith or heart. Today’s post is a sorts of praise report/encouraging word to anyone out there who […]

Beauty: 5 Makeup Brushes That Should Be In Your Beautie Bag – On MyBeautie

Picture 16

Hey Savages, Happy Thursday! I was recently afforded the opportunity to contribute to the lovely UK based Beauty Network called MyBeautie. You can catch my articles on there every other week and aside from contributing as a blogger , I can recommend their active community to ANY beauty lover. Check out this snippet from the article […]

Savage Shop: “Unconventional” 2013 Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Man

Savage Shop- Unconventional 2013 Valentine's Day Gifts For Your Man

Umm yes, yet another holiday that you have to shell out the money on your beaux ( although this time the exchange should be in your advantage). We all know that Valentine’s Day is more for the ladies, but you should see it as an opportunity to shower your man with something you know.. that […]