Weave Files: Undetectable Wigs – A Hidden Treasure Revealed


Now I know the term WIG is something that we alllll would have frowned upon a few years ago! Wigs have always been something that were worn by necessity instead of style…but my my my have times changed! Before this New Age Wig Era, wigs were typically short, with tight curls, and tangled! LOL! I […]

True Life: I’m Obsessed with Weave! What’s your Beauty Obsession?


  Hair, Hair, and More Hair Weave, Bundles, Tracks, extensions…whatever your pet name is. We have ALL worn a piece of false hair some point in our lives (and if you haven’t you’ve considered it… we SEE you)! For some reason my fondness for hair has grown into an absolute LOVE AFFAIR! Savages, I cannot […]

Product Lust: Sea Breeze Astringent- The Itchy Weave Scalp Relief Miracle

Product Lust- Sea Breeze Astringent- The Stop Patting Your Itchy Weave Miracle

Itchy Itchy Ya Ya Ya! We’ve all sung this song before. And even if you’re not a weave wearer, a deep cleansing of  the scalp is something that we all could use from time to time! However, for my weave & braid wearers I  ask this simple question:  Have you ever experienced that itch that could not […]

Weave Files: Rihanna Half Shaved Inspired Quick Weave/Sew-In (Video Included)

Weave Files- Rihanna Half Shave Inspired Weave

So I got tired of my 22″ inches and decided it was time to cut it all off! NOT MY hair of course, but to go to a very cute and short pixie style. I was overcome with chills and almost broke into a cold sweat when I actually thought about not having hair at […]

Weave Files: Lace Closure Install- Pics,Tricks, & Tips

Lace Closure Install- Pics,Tricks, & Tips-Install With and Without Concealer

Hey Savages! I know I’ve been promising this for the longest, even teasing instagram with pictures of the progress. I finally got around to putting together the post , so here it is a lace closure 101… from the savage perspective.     I was put on to lace closure via the lovely hairnistas of […]

Weave Files: Virgin Hair Companies – Hair For Less

Virgin Hair Companies - Hair For Less-Cheap Virgin Hair

It’s been a minute since we’ve talked about weave. YES you like what I did there.  … But honestly who really wants to spend their rent on some hair? I love weave and everything about it , even have dropped BIG money to have it; However 500$ (just for the hair itself ) is a […]

Hair Crush: Kelly Rowland’s Curls in “Representin” by Ludacris fet Kelly Rowland Video

Picture 35

Turn the lights on.Let me start by saying this is my song! Luda is back and this joint is def a banger featuring our favorite songtress Kelly Rowland, who has been putting in major work! She is all over the radio waves with her own single and a plethora of features. Kelly Rowland’s Curls in […]

Hair Style: The Effortless Ponytail


Hey there my Beautiful Savages! I wanted to start the week off with something light, yet enlightening…..A little boost to get your Tuesday HAUTE! Have You ever felt like you wanted to do something different, but pockets were a little low to go super extravagant?!? We’ve all experienced those days! Well, I wanted to style my […]

Hair Care: Weave Mythbusters -Things You Should Know part II


Savages, As you know I am a hair stylist & since the popular “If you can’t grow it, sew it!” slogan has hit the grown running, I have explored way too many bad hair care myths! For some reason women have gotten the impression that if thy’re wearing a weave, then they don’t have to […]

Hair Style: Is Blonde The New Black ?- Food For Thought

Alexandra Burke Blonde Ombre Hair and Beat Face

It seems all of our female stars of color are popping up with some form of blonde upon their heads (could be exaggerated but eh!). Is blonde the new black? And How do you feel about that? Traditionally blonde hair is more attractive to men (says Wikipedia). We all know that the demographic that loves […]

Weave Files: A-line Cut Middle Part Bob Hot Glue Gun Wig

DIY A-line Cut Middle Part Bob Hot Glue Gun Wig

Hello Savages the week has begun and if your Monday got off to a slow start you might want to head over to our Motivational Music post to download songs to get you through the rest of the week. My week started off great and then I noticed that I hadn’t put up my DIY […]

Weave Files: Considering Weave? Things You Should Know

Keke Palmer Long Cold Black Hair Weave

The debate between real hair don’t care and weavie wonder has become all too familiar. In recent times, however I find more and more women considering getting a sew-in, wanting a wig, or just being curious about this Wonderful World of Weave that I have come to love. Thinking on things that I wish I […]

Weave Files : DIY Kelly Rowland Curly Hair on a Dime

Kelly Rowland Curly Hair

Hey dolls! Since the blog has been buzzing with relationship posts I decided to bring you some beauty ,  ahem, Weave goodness!  This weekend I embarked on creating my first wig. It was inspired by the famous , gorgeous Kelly Rowland! It cost me all of about 45$ to make which is very cheap when […]

Beauty Beasts : 2012 BET Music Awards – King Bey, Meagan Good, Diamond and Letoya Luckett plus more!

Beauty Beasts 2012 BET Music Awards

Let me begin by applauding the God forsaken ( sans culture ) network on a job well done on the 2012 BET Music Awards! I thoroughly enjoyed this year’s award show!  With the presence of the King and King ( Bey and Jay) the BET awards definitely gave me ev-a-rey-thang!     This post wouldn’t […]

Weave Files: Sexy Flexi-Rod Waves


Want to style your weave without heat? No worries Flexi-Rods are here to save the day! As previously posted in my  Top 3 Youtube Extension Channels there are a plethora of youtube videos on how to style and wear your weave so indulge! Today I decided to make some sexy bombshell waves that are perfect for the […]