Yes, Another “Best Of” List: 2013′s Top Movies, Music, and TV Shows

Best Music 2013

Fast Forward: D’Jango Unchained


The long awaited film feature your favorite actor’s favorite actor, Jamie Foxx finally dropped on Christmas day. D’Jango Unchained is….different from most films that we see about slavery. Only Quentin Tarintino, given his movie track record, could get away with something like this. The movie puts a new point of view on one of the […]

Fast Forward: Lincoln

Fast Forward- Lincoln

Happy Monday! I hope you all are well and anticipating the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday with your loved ones! In my family a tradition, we sort of shared after waking up from the itis-induced naps, we head to the movies.This Thanksgiving make sure you include new flick, Lincoln, on your must-see list. Lincoln’s main plot focuses […]

Fast Forward: Lindsay Lohan Takes On Elizabeth Taylor in Liz & Dick


….. (brief pause) Say what now?  You mean to tell me that “They Tried to Make Me Goto Rehab x 100″ is actually portraying the iconic Elizabeth Taylor?? I’ve got to see this!  Yes, believe it folks to add to the Lifetime network’s resume of movies is the biopic “ Liz & Dick “ scheduled to be on […]

Fast Forward: Flight

Denzel Washington….drops keyboard and exits stage left Just kidding! — But honestly with a reputation such as Denzel Washington’s, we don’t even have to explore the depths of any new movie hitting the screens with him involved. Because we KNOW it will be amazing! I expect nothing different from his new movie, Flight. Denzel takes the role […]

Fast Forward: Man With The Iron Fists

Fast Forward will bring you the hottest movies getting ready to drop in theaters. Everything from major motion pictures to indie films will be included. This Friday, Man With The Iron Fists; an action packed film fused with martial arts scenery, with a story of an unsung hero, all set to a hip-hop soundtrack hits […]