Product Review: EOS lip balm Is NO good!

lip balms eos

As the product junky of the SavagelyYours team, I find myself randomly making purchases of items just because it’s new or hot in the streets.  Everyone went absolutely crazy over the EOS lip balm for several reasons… I mean, it was “New” (obviously), the shape of the product was different, and it’s presentation and smell […]

You Are “Knot” It : How To Deal With Single Strand Knots


One of the most annoying things to ever happen to a natural (one who has natural hair ), SINGLE STRAND KNOTS. Once frustration kicks in, you will feel the need to pull your hair out one strand at a time while singing,”My hair loves me. My hair loves me not. My hair loves me. My […]

Face So Soft, Can’t Keep Their Hands Off: Clarisonic Skin Cleansing System Review

Face So Soft They Can't Keep Their Hands Off- Clarisonic Sonic Skin Cleansing System Review

Now y’all should be pretty convinced by now, that I ,Que-N-A, am indeed a product junky! I’ve accepted it; But on a more positive note you reap the great benefits of knowing what’s Hot and what’s Not. For FREE! So let’s get into this Clarisonic Skin Cleansing System Review :       If you read […]

Hair: To Be Or Not To Be (Natural)..That is Definitely The Question


 I’m truly excited for everyone who is curious to go BACK to natural. I say “back” because not everyone came into this world with relaxed, silky straight hair. That’s for another post though.  I get an array of questions when it comes to natural hair and it’s care  so this will be me tackling some […]

2013 Fall Makeup Inspiration: “Wake Me Up When September Ends” featuring NYX Medusa Lipstick

Fall 2013 Evening Look- When September Ends

Hey savages! It’s been a minute since I have actually documented a look but it’s my favorite time of year! To kick it off I decided to bring you a Fall 2013 Evening look. Let’s get into what I’ll be chronicling as 2013 Fall Makeup Inspiration , the #MondayMuse …     What I used: […]

Tips & Tricks: Invest in a Face Exfoliating Brush


After some deep thought, I realized that I am truly a product junky! It is real Savages!  I’m fine with that title though, as long as I can continue to keep you all up-to-date with the latest products and gadgets I’m ok with that.  If you’ve seen the featured image above then you know where […]

Product Lust: Sea Breeze Astringent- The Itchy Weave Scalp Relief Miracle

Product Lust- Sea Breeze Astringent- The Stop Patting Your Itchy Weave Miracle

Itchy Itchy Ya Ya Ya! We’ve all sung this song before. And even if you’re not a weave wearer, a deep cleansing of  the scalp is something that we all could use from time to time! However, for my weave & braid wearers I  ask this simple question:  Have you ever experienced that itch that could not […]

Health: Tips & Tricks to Quick Healthy Weight Loss

Health- Tips & Tricks to Quick Healthy Weight Loss

We all do it! Wait until the very last minute to work out and diet before a vacation! It’s ok, and we completely understand how losing those extra few pounds can really make a difference in the fit of your clothes!So In addition to working out , changing your diet can make a tremendous difference. […]

Get Your Life: Tips & Tricks for Cleaning Out Your Makeup Bag – Spring Cleaning 2013


It’s that lovely time of year where everyone should be getting their life! And by that we mean cleaning, organizing,and everything associated with the likes. Today’s focus is your makeup bag. Just like the food in your pantry make-up products have an expiration date. If you haven’t done inventory of your current lipsticks, foundations, eyeliners […]

Fierce Fridays: Slay with Eyelash Extensions – A Quick Eyelash Guide

Adrienne Bailon Eyelash Extensions The X Factor Finalists Party

Let’s get real, in the world of celebrity glam just about everyone wears Eyelash Extensions . Wether they be strips, individuals, Mink, or 100% Human Hair you can achieve a fierce look to add an extra bit of savage to your weekend, daily look, or special occasion.   If you want to be Flirty or seductively […]

Beauty: 5 Makeup Brushes That Should Be In Your Beautie Bag – On MyBeautie

Picture 16

Hey Savages, Happy Thursday! I was recently afforded the opportunity to contribute to the lovely UK based Beauty Network called MyBeautie. You can catch my articles on there every other week and aside from contributing as a blogger , I can recommend their active community to ANY beauty lover. Check out this snippet from the article […]

Beauty: 2013 Valentine’s Day Makeup Inspiration – The Natural Looks

Beauty- 2013 Valentine’s Day Makeup Inspiration- Illuminescent Smokey Eye - Versace Spring 2013

If you’re looking for the cliche red and pink lip inspired makeup looks … this post isn’t for you. Kindly visit our ” Makeup Inspiration Posts” . If you’re looking to really STUN your man with your beauty this year stay and play for awhile as we highlight 4 2013 Valentine’s Day Makeup Inspiration straight from […]

Beauty Crush: Beyonce Knowles Performance At The Pepsi XLVII Super Bowl Halftime Show

Beauty Crush Beyonce Knowles Performance at the Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Show 3

Beyonce went IN! If you didnt get a chance to see the BEST performer in the world do her thing you definitely missed a great show ! Bey traded in her “girl next door look” for the Baddie Bey persona that we all know her for. Let’s check out the look from Beyonce Knowles Performance At […]

Beauty: Switch It Up! – Eyeliner Ideas For Everyday Wear

Beauty- Switch It Up! -  Eyeliner Ideas for everyday wear-lanvin

Hi Savages! I hope that you are recovering from your holiday break and getting back to business as usual! Thank God it’s Friday, and we’ve got some crazy, sexy, cool eyeliner ideas for everyday wear just for you! This post is to inspire you to change up your regular routine and infuse some spice into […]

Instagram Beauty: @Reginesoul , @KeiraRowland , & @Rachelrenaemua Fabulous Eyeliner Looks

Instabeauties- Intagram Beuaty 111212

Instagram Beauty is an image based post designed to help inspire your beauty looks from #MACgirls and Instagram beauty gurus as they post their images to the social network. Basically we Instagram for you! Happy Monday again!  Of course it’s time to bring a little beauty inspiration to kickoff your week. My weekend was full of epic-ness […]

Beauty: 4 Quick Tips to Reduce Oil and Shine

Sephora Blotting Papers Collection- Oil Control Tips and Tricks

Shine… the oily girl’s nightmare. Here you will find 4 easy and simple tips to reduce oil and shine. Just know that  if you’re going out for a night on the town….shine is inevitable if you  A. have oily skin or  B. plan on dancing the night away. I am so passionate about oily skin […]

Beauty on a Budget: Fall Skin Products & Tips For A Flawless Face

Fall Skin Products & Tips for Flawless Skin - Janelle Monae Covergirl

Now that fall is officially here it’s time to change up your skin regimen and get ready to brace for the cold dry months of the year. As I embark on a journey to flawless skin, I ran across some tips to help achieve a Flawless Fall Face. While expensive facial products are amazing, let’s face […]

Health: Making a Lasting Impression with Your Smile

Tips For Making A Lasting Impression With Your Smile

Did you know a smile has health benefits?  If you are feeling down, smiling can cheer you up by tricking your body into thinking you are in a good mood.  Smiling can ease your stress and even boost your immune system.  Smiling has social benefits too. Some studies[1] indicate that smiling can make you look […]

Health: Detox 101-Simple Ways to Detoxify

Detox 101-Simple Ways to Detoxify - Lemon Water

I’m sure we’ve all heard of the word, and some of you probably do it without knowing . Detox (the act of doing it) should become a regular part of our lives in order to optimize our bodies for healthy living. So I’ve put together a brief education section and a couple of  simple detox methods […]

Beauty: Romantic Fall – Bronze and Brown Makeup Look

Romantic Fall Brown 3

My love for pinterest has been expressed all throughout the site and it doesn’t end . So here, taking inspiration from this technique and Brown Makeup look : I decided to supply you savage beauties (especially those of you on a budget) with a Romantic bronze and brown look for the fall. What I used: Maybelline […]

Beauty: Into the Deep – Blue Eyeshadow Look

Blue Eyeshadow African American Skin copy

Hey beautnistas!  If you read my post on Make Up Do’s and Dont’s for Black Women  you know I am a supporter of the blue eyeshadow look on brown skin. So I took to my brushes and decided to show off how I apply my blue shadow so that I don’t look like I’m getting ready for […]

Beauty: 5 Makeup Do’s and Dont’s For Black Women

La La Anthony Full Eyelashes

It’s Friday! Heyyyy! *in my 90′s voice* What’s up beauty mavens? As I don’t claim to have all the answers , just a lady who loves Makeup, there are just some things that Black Women sin and win in. Taking a cue from the comments on our NYX Makeup Artist Kit Contest  we’ve put together 5 […]

Savage Life: My Beauty Essentials


Every girl has things that they couldn’t do without and in addition to my Macbook pro there are 5 beauty products that if they stopped production I would shrivel up surely! so I’ll just get right into it… 1. Cherry Carmex Moisturizing Lip Balm Carmex has saved many of lips and has been one of […]

Health: Late Night Low Calorie Snacks

Low Calorie Late Night Snacks

I must admit I am not a healthy eater…. at all. Sad but true . I am however trying to change that!  I’ll be posting finds that help me on my journey to a vivacious  physical and mental health here on the blog , because sharing is of course caring.   As a slave to […]

Weave Files: Considering Weave? Things You Should Know

Keke Palmer Long Cold Black Hair Weave

The debate between real hair don’t care and weavie wonder has become all too familiar. In recent times, however I find more and more women considering getting a sew-in, wanting a wig, or just being curious about this Wonderful World of Weave that I have come to love. Thinking on things that I wish I […]