Summer Time Fine: #SYFINE 30 Day Core & Glute Challenge

Summer Time Fine- SYFINE 30 Day Core and Glute Challenge

After concluding our 60 day challenge which mainly involved food disciplines, I decided to craft our next challenge around movement (with the help of instagram and my personal trainer @AR_fit_) . The summer is not too far away and it is literally CRUNCH time (see what I did there).  Im not sure what gets you […]

Product Review: EOS lip balm Is NO good!

lip balms eos

As the product junky of the SavagelyYours team, I find myself randomly making purchases of items just because it’s new or hot in the streets.  Everyone went absolutely crazy over the EOS lip balm for several reasons… I mean, it was “New” (obviously), the shape of the product was different, and it’s presentation and smell […]

Join us! : 60 Day Ab Challenge

Holiday weight loss tips - The Savage Digest: Tips To Lose Holiday Weight, An Understandable Fiscal Cliff Breakdown, Sales Galore - The Best Time To Buy

It’s that time of year!  The new year , new me posts are sure to be flooding a social media site near you soon. A couple of my friends and I have had an amazing year in the realm of health. We’re going into 2014 expecting nothing less than chiseled bodies! I’ve always expressed how […]

You Haven’t Bought NATHAN- The 2013 Girlfriend/Boyfriend ( or Whatever) Quick Gift Guide

You Haven't Bought NATHAN- The 2013 Girlfriend:Boyfriend or Whatever Quick Gift Guide

Tis the damn season to run those pockets! Yes, prepare your minds (and maybe your wallets) to adorn your  significant other with gifts that will let them know how you  appreciate them. If you are in panic mode ( which you should because Christmas is nearly , tomorrow ) without a clue as to what […]

You Are “Knot” It : How To Deal With Single Strand Knots


One of the most annoying things to ever happen to a natural (one who has natural hair ), SINGLE STRAND KNOTS. Once frustration kicks in, you will feel the need to pull your hair out one strand at a time while singing,”My hair loves me. My hair loves me not. My hair loves me. My […]

It Doesn’t Have to Break The Bank : 4 Budget Friendly Winter Date Ideas

It Doesn't Have to Break The Bank - 4 Budget Friendly Winter Date Ideas

We all know how draining the holidays can be to our pockets. It seems Christmas keeps getting more expensive the older we get!  But that doesn’t mean that you can’t treat your mate to a quality date though ( trust me I reformatted this sentence 4x’s trying not to sound cheesy. Didn’t work) ! If you’re looking […]

Face So Soft, Can’t Keep Their Hands Off: Clarisonic Skin Cleansing System Review

Face So Soft They Can't Keep Their Hands Off- Clarisonic Sonic Skin Cleansing System Review

Now y’all should be pretty convinced by now, that I ,Que-N-A, am indeed a product junky! I’ve accepted it; But on a more positive note you reap the great benefits of knowing what’s Hot and what’s Not. For FREE! So let’s get into this Clarisonic Skin Cleansing System Review :       If you read […]

You’re Married? K : The ex, why, and tea on the state of matrimony


The relaunch of SavagelyYours means so much to me! It’s almost as if I’ve gotten my baby back…. well, one of many babies that is!  Speaking the term “baby,” the word MARRIAGE has been the word for the year 2013! I’m sure you share my sentiments when I say, “This has been the year of […]

Hair: To Be Or Not To Be (Natural)..That is Definitely The Question


 I’m truly excited for everyone who is curious to go BACK to natural. I say “back” because not everyone came into this world with relaxed, silky straight hair. That’s for another post though.  I get an array of questions when it comes to natural hair and it’s care  so this will be me tackling some […]

Baby, It’s Cold! : How To Cope With Curves


This is the relaunch of Savagely Yours, where we’ve committed to give you life- as WE know it. So yes, I went there. Curving, like most fads, is an old concept made fresh with new terminology. What exactly is curving?  Curving could be a number of things like ignoring, subtle disregards, and of course, harsh […]

Health: Breast Cancer Awareness 2013

  Breast Cancer Awareness 2012 is here Savages! As you should know, OCTOBER is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month! The National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM) is a collaboration of national public service organizations, professional medical associations, and government agencies working together to promote breast cancer awareness, share information on the disease, and provide greater […]

2013 Fall Makeup Inspiration: “Wake Me Up When September Ends” featuring NYX Medusa Lipstick

Fall 2013 Evening Look- When September Ends

Hey savages! It’s been a minute since I have actually documented a look but it’s my favorite time of year! To kick it off I decided to bring you a Fall 2013 Evening look. Let’s get into what I’ll be chronicling as 2013 Fall Makeup Inspiration , the #MondayMuse …     What I used: […]

Product Review: Kiss Gel Polish Starter System


HEYYYYYY SAVAGES!  Hope all is well with you all! If you haven’t noticed already, I’ve been in my ‘Product Junky’ mood. If your a girly girl like myself, then you enjoy a fresh mani and pedi on a regular right? But man getting those often definitely add up ?! Luckily, I’ve found the NEW “Kiss […]

Relationships: Reasons Why Men & Women Don’t Commit #SYCommit – Featuring The Silent Savage

Relationships- Reasons Why Men & Women Don't Commit - Featuring The Silent Savage

Why Women Don’t Commit Let’s be honest or “lez-be-an-est” however you want to read it , 80% of women are more open to commitment than men. That’s just my opinion. It isn’t a scientific fact, but hey those are my thoughts on the matter.  I can start by saying that I don’t have the most […]

The Savage Digest: Get the lowdown on Acne Scarring, Will You Buy A ‘Beast Jesus’ Tee?, and The 12 Best Foods For Your Diet

The Savage Digest- Get the lowdown on Acne Scarring, Will You Buy A 'Beast Jesus' Tee?, and The 12 Best Food For Your Diet

Beauty -{HuffPost} Acne Scars 101. Educate yourself on the dreaded hyper-pigmentation. The Huffington Posts gives the do’s/don’ts and separates myth from fact  in a recent post. The article also gives tips on how to lessen your chances to receive post acne marks/scars. We’re here for it! - {Refinery29}  There’s a CVS around the corner and you’re in NEED […]

Relationships: 4 Fun Summer Date Ideas ( for your man specifically )

Relationships- 4 Fun Summer Date Ideas

Take your man out!  Most men will admit that they want to be treated like kings, yes. …. While courting/dating  it’s important to show him how into him you are too. What better way to do that than a date? Pick him up , take him out, pay for it. Simple. Don’t take my […]

The Savage Digest: Just Say NO to Celebrity Beauty Brands, Why 2 Chainz specifically used Dark Skin girls in “Feds Watching”, & Can exercising alter genes?

The Savage Digest- 073113

Beauty -{HuffPost} If I had a dime for every celebrity that dropped a beauty product we’d all be rich. The Huffington Post says what  all beauty gurus have been thinking. To put it plainly, celebrity beauty products suck for the amount of money they’re asking you for them. Attach a name like RiRi to an already […]

Color Crush: Kerry Washington’s Black and White Mani At the “Peeples” Premier

Color Crush- Kerry Washington's Black and White Mani At the Peeples Premier

Although premiering over a month ago, I came across a stunning close up of featured actress Kerry Washington’s manicure for the evening and fell completely in love! Kerry Washington’s black and white mani is a true gem. In a time where nail art has become a huge trend and you can see some of the most innovative […]

Tips & Tricks: Invest in a Face Exfoliating Brush


After some deep thought, I realized that I am truly a product junky! It is real Savages!  I’m fine with that title though, as long as I can continue to keep you all up-to-date with the latest products and gadgets I’m ok with that.  If you’ve seen the featured image above then you know where […]

Health Diary: My 7 Day Detox Experience


If you have read some of my other health posts such as, “Health: Tips & Tricks to Quick Healthy Weight Loss” You have endured my interest in living a healthy lifestyle and my obsession with being “swim suit ready” at all times!  So of course the idea of living a healthy lifestyle led me to […]

Savagely Yours TV: Product Review – Lucid Cosmetics “The Hills” Lipgloss (Video)

Picture 19

Hi Savages! If you’ve read my FIRST Product Review, then I am defintely excited to bring to you my first videoed product review! Watch below…   ” The Hills” by Lucid Cosmetics is a great lipgloss! Created by past Basketball Wives personality Jennifer Williams, this lipgloss is not your average celebrity bootleg product. The Good Goes […]

Product Lust: Sea Breeze Astringent- The Itchy Weave Scalp Relief Miracle

Product Lust- Sea Breeze Astringent- The Stop Patting Your Itchy Weave Miracle

Itchy Itchy Ya Ya Ya! We’ve all sung this song before. And even if you’re not a weave wearer, a deep cleansing of  the scalp is something that we all could use from time to time! However, for my weave & braid wearers I  ask this simple question:  Have you ever experienced that itch that could not […]

Werk: The Clamp (Pre Spring Break Exercise) -Workout Wednesday

Pre Spring Break Exercise

Well Hellooooo Loves! It’s Ms “Que-N-A,” the lady with the answers for all of your questions! Welp, Spring Break is near and I know most of you are ready to jump into a bikini. If you’ve been following our “Summer Time Fine” series, we’re gonna supercharge it with some POWER ABS for Spring break. Even […]

Health: Tips & Tricks to Quick Healthy Weight Loss

Health- Tips & Tricks to Quick Healthy Weight Loss

We all do it! Wait until the very last minute to work out and diet before a vacation! It’s ok, and we completely understand how losing those extra few pounds can really make a difference in the fit of your clothes!So In addition to working out , changing your diet can make a tremendous difference. […]

Get Your Life: Tips & Tricks for Cleaning Out Your Makeup Bag – Spring Cleaning 2013


It’s that lovely time of year where everyone should be getting their life! And by that we mean cleaning, organizing,and everything associated with the likes. Today’s focus is your makeup bag. Just like the food in your pantry make-up products have an expiration date. If you haven’t done inventory of your current lipsticks, foundations, eyeliners […]