The Team

Ashley, Savage

Ashley is the editor in chief of Savagely Yours born in Kileen and an army brat who calls Baton Rouge, LA her home. She is currently residing in Atlanta, GA as a graphic designer who obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Louisiana State University.

” Savagely Yours is me bearing and expressing myself to you! As a Lil Kim enthusiast (don’t judge, I favor her pre 2005), lover of all thing color, Diva, Designer, ect  , My posts range from Beauty hauls, Art drops, and Music Reviews to DIYs and Real Talk . These are the things I love and I hope you love them too!”









Que, Que-n-a

Que is a Texas Native, born and raised in Fort Worth, currently residing in Houston She is pursuing her second degree, in nursing and is an alumna of the University of Houston with a Bachelor of Science in Health.

” I am here to share with you MY life… Personal experiences, advice, tips, and answers to all of your questions! My post will consist of randomness…..Fashion, beauty, health, dating and occasional rants! Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy and keep me informed with your thoughts and feedback! ”










Krystal, Buggs

Krystal is a Southern girl hailing from Houston, Texas who recently moved to the Big Apple after graduating from Louisiana State University.  She is currently settling into her full time gig in the financial services industry and a brand new world on the East Coast after spending her whole life in the Dirty South.


“Hello world, I’m currently just out here trying to function (word to E-40) and share the experience with you all. I’m a music enthusiast so I’ll be bringing you posts about everything from gems I find on the World Wide Web to in-depth analyses of how music shapes the world around us. Don’t be surprised if you see me dabble into fashion topics to indulge on my oh-so-real jewelry addiction or catch me going off about adjusting to this New York City life and becoming a “grownup” every once in a while. Peace & Blessings.”