A Buggs Life- The Life Of A Savage... Embracing Change - The Midweek Meltdown 2

A Buggs Life: The Life Of A Savage… Embracing Change – The Midweek Meltdown

Happy Hump Day Savages! Seeing that Que and Ashley have both taken time to have their meltdown moments on here, I thought it was time you all hear my cry about  Embracing Change.

A Buggs Life- The Life Of A Savage... Embracing Change - The Midweek Meltdown

My Story

About six months ago I made one of the biggest decisions of my LIFE. No, seriously. I packed up and moved over 1500 miles away from anything I’d ever known. It was New York City or Bust. Given, I’d gotten a fair taste of life in NYC because of a summer internship the year prior to moving here. I had no idea what a drastic difference it would be to actually pack up and MOVE to the Big Apple.
Mannnn, look. This city took NO time in letting me know its “run with or get run over” mentality. One week to find a place to reside, get minimum furniture, AND some new work clothes? Shall I take you all on a quick trip through the struggle that is New York City?

  1. The words “Excuse Me” should be left at home
  2. Rent is comparable to a decent sized home mortgage
  3. Central Heat and air conditioning are foreign concepts.

Aside from my laundry list of “fake complaints,” New York has catapulted me into the most whimsical growth state I’ve ever experienced. Change can be such a beautiful thing, if you let it. That alone has been my biggest takeaway so far.

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”

Whether you’re moving, starting a new job, or just taking more risks in general know that it IS scary, and it’s ok to be scared. You’ve already conquered the hardest part, which is just DOING it.

Dealing With Change Gracefully

Whether the change comes forcefully, without your permission or you’re spearheading the whole thing, it can be draining. Here are some things I find myself doing to ensure that I’m handling any change, big or small in a beneficial way.

  • Don’t resist, EMBRACE IT!
    • Resisting change will only cause deep backfire in many aspects of your life. The journey will be much more interesting than the finish line. We are all in the midst of building our stories for future generations. Don’t let yours slip away because you are resistant to the unknown.
  • Appreciating ALONE TIME
    • Change may spark some internal confusion in your brain. You’re no longer in a state where you can confidently know and control everything and it is not comfortable. The best thing to do is take some time to you. Meditate, evaluate, and get on your way.
  • Leave anxiety at the doormat
    • Man, I could sit here and preach to myself all day long about this one. As mentioned above, during change the brain may be little confused. All of this uncertainty may come with a little anxiety. But, just what are we anxious for? The good book tells us, Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. We may find ourselves always asking, what’s going to happen two minutes from now? In ten years? In twenty years? BREATHE, STRETCH, SHAKE, LET IT GO

Still need more advice? You know our girl Oprah always holds us down with the words of wisdom. Check out her strategies for embracing change.